Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween !!!!

Well the big day of the week finally arrived....Yeah!!! Today was a blast!! All the kids were so excited about trick-or-treating....they could hardly nap today...the excitement had taken over! After getting everyone all ready...dressed in their costume, drinks for the walk around the block (as they always get so Thirsty!), shoes on, bottles in hand, we were off..... outside to take a few pictures...well side shots mostly...It is nearly impossible to get four little ones to all look in the same direction at the same time while saying CHEESE!!! I think we took about 20 pictures and we are lucky if we have 1 good one......Oh well..try again next year!! We started out real strong, walking from house to house, pumpkins in hand (to hold ALL of the candy, of course!) saying Trick OR Treat, saying Thank You...etc. We quickly lost a bit of steam in about 10-12 minutes. At about the 3rd house, the kiddies were getting tired, ready to go home and eat the 6 or so pieces of candy they had received and they were Happy with that. Well, they were happy with that...but my sister and I not so happy with their theory. ... WHY? Well where do I begin...We took many trips to the store to get the costumes, matching pants and shirts for underneath for the too little guys, got the strollers out, backed up with goodies, woke up the kids early from their naps, and they are already DONE with trick or treating..... BUT you know what.....It's Okay..... For those few houses they had the best time in the world...they were so excited to get all dressed, show off their costumes, and most of all get a few pieces of candy!! And to see the smiles, laughs, and excitement was well worth all the effort my sister and I put into it!!! We did get to go around 2 blocks and Trick OR Treat..they just needed a little break..and to have a piece of their hard earned candy!!!Which they thoroughly enjoyed!!!!

Maybe next year my sis and I will get smart and just buy them each a bag of candy and stay home and give candy to other Trick OR Treaters ....HA HA!! Who are we kidding....since when have we taken the EASY way out????? LOL
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Tuesday, October 30

One more sleep to go...YEAH!!!!

Well it's almost here...the much anticipated Halloween. YEAH! My son is so excited!!! In fact he has been in bed since 9pm and fell asleep just a little bit ago....He keeps talking about his costume, all the candy/goodies he will receive, and most of all that only one more sleep is left until he can wear his Superman costume. He is so excited to jump around in it.....yes, you read correctly he thinks Superman jumps up and down to help people.....He just cracks me up sometimes!! He also keeps asking me if his sister is so excited as well...I am sure she cannot wait to wear her wings tomorrow and be strapped in a stroller for an hour or two...LOL He told me when I tucked him in that he had changed his mind on what costume I should wear...He said "Mom you should be a big truck and go real FAST!! I hope he really does not think I will dress up like a truck tomorrow...or my sister and I will be doing some serious creativeness , gluing, stapling, coloring, and putting together during nap time tomorrow!! Get thinking Tash!!! LOL

I am SO excited to see him have the best day tomorrow!! He just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when he is having such a great time. It is so amazing how becoming a parent changes you so all about the little ones...I guess you cannot help it sometimes. We sat down today and practiced writing his name on paper...the ruled kind. We just started practicing about 3 weeks ago and he is making leaps and bounds. He tries his very best to stay within the lines,you can actually read his name on the paper!! (not just mommy can tell what it says) He has been really practicing so he can write his name in Pop Pop's birthday card...One more day and were there!

Well I guess I better hit the sac as well...we all know I will be up early to the sound of my son calling "I'm all Done"...LOL..LOL

Good Night for now.

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Monday, October 29

Few printable baby coupons and Free offers...

Was at ShopRite today and they have Beechnut baby cereal on sale this week for just $1.39 a box (including Good Morning and Good Evening too!!) for ONLY $1.39.....An even better deal when you use a manufacture coupon as well!! They were in last Sundays paper, or you can call Beechnut and they will send you some!!

A few more baby deals........

Some printable Gerber Baby food coupons: Gerber Coupons

Printable Playskool $2.00 off diaper coupon (Sold at CVS): Playskool

Free Baby Cereal Bowl from Beechnut (A nice one!!)

Sign up for a Free Juice Juice Sippy Cup: Free Juicy Juice Sippy Cup

Good Night for Now!!

My 2 cents about Luvs Diapers.....

Well, where do I begin?? I am so disgusted with Luvs diapers! They are horrible! I recently recieved a few $1.00 off coupons for Luvs diapers in the mail, I was so excited....YEAH coupons for things I actually need!! So I heard Walmart lowered the price of Luvs down to $6.97, so me my coupons and the kids headed there.... Of course I bought 3 packs (had to use up all my coupons..LOL). I just opened the first pack up on Friday and guess what...5 leaky diapers later....I cannot wait for them to be GONE!!! All the leaks happened during the day..not even at night??!! On Friday two leaked, and yesterday one leaked and today 2 more leaked. It stinks...literally!!! My hubby was quite disgusted yesterday. I have been using Pampers since my baby was born at the beginning of this year. Wa mart and ShopRite have been having them on sale ALOT...and with coupons and baby buck (at ShopRite) they have been a great deal!! I was an avid user of Luvs back when my son was in diapers and they were great!!! No complaints at all!!!

This is from thair website :
New Bear Hug Stretch premium elastic sides stretch to fit. Luvs® helps stop leaks as well as the pricey brands. For great leak protection, all you need is Luvs!
Not only do Luvs Diapers provide premium leakage protection for less than the pricier brands, but we also offer the Ultra Leakguard Guarantee. That means if you aren’t satisfied with the way Luvs works, you can get your money back.* So, you can feel good knowing you have premium leakage protection, and for less than those pricier brands!

I will for sure be sending in a diaper, and my reciept for my money back...They can keep 'em!

Just my 2 cents on them....Mt sister actually LOVES them for her son......

Well enough venting for now.........

Sunday, October 28

Good Day.....Good Deals!!!

Today was a great day....finally NO Rain!!! YEAH!!! A nice relaxing Sunday.... Plenty of time to hang out with the kiddies today...Hubby was out all day helping with my sisters kitchen re-do. Got to play cars with Logan today.....He gets OH! so excited when we play cars together. He's so darn cute...I am positive I am biased towards him....LOL I just cannot help it! I do not know what it is....maybe the 1st born thing??? Not to say that my daughter is not just as wonderful.....of course she is!! If it is even possible, maybe I love them each just as much, just a little differently??!!

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If you are in need of baby food....Acme Markets has Beechnut baby food Satge 2 on sale until November 1st (Thursday) for .40 a jar. There were coupons in the Sunday paper this week for $1.00/8 jars and $1.00/10 jars.
Have a great night!!

A long but Happy :) Day!!!

We'll today has been a long day for me and it is only 2:00 in the afternoon. See my husband is redoing our kitchen this week so I spent the day at my mother in law's yesterday, and today I am at my sister's, and all I want to be is at home. And this is only day 2!! Man I sound so unhappy, usually I am always in a good mood, maybe i am due to get my friend or something. I guess I thought it would go alot better than this, really I don't know what I was thinking. But I do know I will never again redo a kitchen this is to much work, and I haven't really even been doing anything. I mean it is just hard with the kids Haley today just wanted to stay home, but with all the dust and sawing and hammering my husband thought it would be best just to spend the day at my sisters. So here I am typing on the computer. I actaully feel better now that I am venting, sorry to ramble on. So thats it I won't talk about it anymore. Today is a beatiful day a little chilly but I am glad to see the sun out after so many days of rain. I am going to find myself something to eat and will hopefully write again later on tonight when I go home. Can't wait for that!!! Talk to you later.

A few deals I found today.......

Great Deals at TX Maxx......Take an extra 25% off Clearance Price items until tommorrow....(Think holiday presents...I went today and racked up!!!)

Here is a great deal on Amazon....Deluxe 150 Gram Combed Cotton Jersey Knit Queen Sheeet Set, Sage...Price is $14.99 (regularly $60.00)

It also is eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping on orders over $25. This is a great 75% off!!!

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, October 26

Lots of great Deals!!!

Well it was rainy all day so....I found some great deals online!!! The holidays are fast approaching so these may help out!~

At JC Penny ( , I found some great toys on Clearance... I found a Pit Stop Auto BenchWas $69.99; Outlet Price $26.99

and a Toddler Bike and TrailerWas $34.99; Now $19.99.

And for the girls....Disney Princess Sleepover and Friendship SetWas $17.99; Outlet Price $11.99,

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For the Home they have great deal like: Window MirrorWas $49.99; Outlet Price $16.99 and a very nice Addison Shelf Was $99.00; Outlet Price $29.99.

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Happy Savings!!!

Thursday, October 25

Love is amazing.....

I can sum up today all in one word.....LOVE!! I got to thinking about Love today and just how powerful it really is when my niece said it today (she is two-and-a-half). I was so amazed that a two year old little girl knew just how loved she really is....She was mumbling about it to herself, under her breath.....It is so astonishing that in just a couple years a child knows how much others care about them, how they are safe in loved ones arms, and how to trust the ones they love so deeply. We (as parents) have such an impact on our young childrens lives...they listen to us, look up to us, and follow our lead. I had a great day, thinking all about the love for my family....and best of all spending the day with my mom and sister, joking, laughing, and just having so much fun being a family....

Bye for now!

Another Great Deal of the Day:
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Would make a great upcoming holiday gift!!

Dreary Day

We'll here it is, day 2. Today was a real dreary day with all the rain, I guess I was getting used to the great weather we have been having. I mean earlier in the week I was outside with the kids and they were playing in the water table, today we were wearing sweatshirts. We'll enough about the weather. I had a good day today though it went by fast although the week in general has been going by slow but that is just because my hubby wasn't home this weekend. Haley keeps asking when he's coming home, and always asks me in the morning if Daddy came home. I hate to tell her no because her face just fills with disappointment. Although he should be home on Saturday and he has off the whole week, Haley and Nick will be so happy. We'll I don't know what else to write since I am new at this thing, I don't want to bore people. I am though debating weather or not to make brownies. See I really want to eat brownies, but I know my waistline dosen't need it. Hopefully I can resist, but its not looking to promising.

Goodnight to all.

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Wednesday, October 24

Todays finally the day!!!

Well it's finally here!!!! Today that sister and I have been talking about doing this well like forever! And here we are. A wonderful, cheery place to let it all out about the daily life we live....Where do I start.....

Well how about 8 am this morning......A little earlier than I like to wake up, but hey....when my son is on the toilet screeming for me I must run and help him clean up to get off and back on the sofa to watch his beloved "Mighty Monster Trucks Show". Yes, you read right, about 4 out of the 5 weekdays this is how I rise in the my son on the hopper calling for me loud and clear....Of course he does not do this on the weekends when daddy is home.......Lucky me!!!

Finally got out of the house by 10 am to head over to story and craft time at the library..Guess what, my son says after we get there "he just like to pick out books and have a home day today". Great, the one day we are actually there a little early and he wants to leave.....So we left.

Off we are to our next stop, doing a little shopping. I needed some new baking pans badly...why? do you ask? Well my siter was a witness to this...I burnt the sugar cookies so badly last week that I could not even scrape them off the baking pans...So to the trash they went.

Had a nice relaxing evening as my son did not nap today, so bedtime was at 7:40 pm....hence why I got a chance to set this whole thing up!! No nap was actually a good thing today Tash...I know you do not hear that from me often!!

And the best for last.....
Deal of the day....Thanks to Kmart! :

Good Night!!