Tuesday, March 11

Do You Do Yard Sales???

Do you have them?? Shop them?? Attention: We are now about to enter Yard Sale Season!!!!

Before hubby and I had the kiddies we used to go yard sale shopping about 3 times a month (Well, he tug along anyway....and always ended up finding something good!) Now with the kiddies in tow....we cannot seem to get out of the house early enough on Saturday mornings..lol

Yard Sales are a great place to buy things you never even knew you needed...lol When hubby and I first started out I can remember we bought a weed wacker, rakes for the yard, tools, household items, kitchen accessories and more!! Hey, that weed wacker we bought for about $5...lasted us two whole summers...it did not look so good...but man, it could really cut the weeds down...lol It served it's purpose very well....until it finally died (and trust me, if it could of been fixed..we would probably still have it...lol)

Yard Sales are also great for baby clothes, kids toys, books, puzzles, and even brand new items. My son just loves to carry his dollar or two around to look and see just what he may find that he would like to buy.....teaches him a bit!! I remember one time I bought a picture frame brand new in the box....the lady said she just had too many! You really never know what you may find...and pretty cheap too!! Most always you can haggle the price..as people do not wish to haul it back inside!!

I have also hosted my share of yard sales as well!! A few years back, before we moved we had a giant Yard Sale with a few of my old neighbors. It was a lot of fun...we made a little money..AND it was less stuff to put into the moving truck.(Made hubby happy!!)

As long as you price things right....and NO that sweater your Auntie gave you 3 years ago that you never wore IS ugly..and only worth a buck!! So, price it right!!

Just remember to advertise in your local paper to get more traffic..and always put up a few yard sale signs leading up to the sale...helps people find the sale easier!! And most of all be Organized!! Have everything labeled, priced, and clean the day before the sale. This makes it easier on you to not always have to call out prices when people ask, and easier for the potential customer. Also wake up Extra early...this way everything is all set up before the sale begins....nothing like shopping at a Yard Sale where all the merchandise is packed in boxes, right?

And of course have fun!! Talk to people...say hello, you never know what you may learn from them!! (maybe a tip of two!)


Meghan said...

I must say, that last year I participated in a group yardsale at Charles Lewis School in Blackwood.
It was a bust.
I made $20.
I ended up donated so much of my son's things.

I wish I could do another one.
I am a big freecycler tho.

Miss Mommy said...

I must admit...I have not had a yard sale myself in over 2 years!! The last one I had was before I moved....I just do not seem to accumulate as much stuff as I used too....like you said Meghan, that is because of Freecycle!! I just assume pass it on to someone who can use and make their day!!

Before I had the kiddies it was a bit easier to prepare for a yard sale, and be able to spend the whole day out in the driveway...lol

Anonymous said...

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