Friday, April 25

Paying Bills Online....I am Hooked!!

Now a days paying bills online is a common thing for most people. Most companies now offer free online bill pay in addition to phone pay as well as snail mail (as I call it!). I just love to pay our bills online and there are several reasons why......

1. I know the payment was actually received from the conformation email the companies sends me.....A while back my Verizon bill I had mailed via snail mail out actually got lost in the mail???
2. You can schedule your payment date...this way you can hold out until the exact day the bill is due if you you'd like. And this will eliminate late fees!
3. You save .41 on a stamp if you would of had to mail it. (Hey over 5-10 bills a month this adds up!)
4. You save the fee to use phone pay. (in some instances where companies charge for this service)
5. You save on not having to buy checks as frequently.
6. You are helping to save a tree by not receiving paper statements in the mail monthly.
7. You have access to your account at anytime.
8. Plus, if you'd like you can set up automatic payments to come out each month on the due date

I just love paying bills online!! And remember, most, if not all sites are highly protected so you can be sure your information is kept safe. Just be sure to look for the insured/safe logo on the website. Now, if only my mortgage company would get with the program, and stop charging a $12.00 fee for me to pay it online....I would be one paperless bill payer!!! LOL LOL

1 comment:

Meghan said...

I hear ya sister on paying bills online.
Thank goodness for that or um, I would have been late several times. LOL
And in the long run it does save you the moola.