Monday, September 8

Check Your Local Library......

We made a quick stop at the library today for a movie and a few new books for Little Man. Hubby was with us and he headed to see if they had a movie for us to watch as well. When I go to the library weekly with the kiddies we just head to the Children's department get what we need then head out.

While looking for a movie for us grown-ups hubby reminded me about the Free magazine piles and clipped coupon bins on the table behind the last row of games & movies. So I headed over and found a People magazine (Yes, from May....but, new to me!! LOL LOL ) and also checked out the coupon bins. They were so nice and neatly organized by categories...and so perfectly clipped out as well...impressive!!

Look what I found inside:

-2- Huggies Wipes .50/1 coupons (I send these to my she gets them at a great price at the commissary!!)

-1- $1.00/2 Kraft Easy Mac coupons

-1- $1.00/2 Total Cereal coupons (On sale this week at ShopRite 4 boxes for $8)

-1- $1.00/1 Dannon Danimals yogurt coupon (Great to use at Walmart....use coupon and get an 8-pack for just $1.98!!)

-1- $1.00/2 Jif coupon....I swear hubby and Little Man have a PB addiction!!! LOL LOL

I was so excited!! I think this is a must stop spot each and every library stop from now on!! LOL LOL Does your local library have a coupon bin?? Every find any good ones?? This is also a great place to offload some coupons you have that are not yet expired, and no use to you...but a great find for someone else!!


mom_of2boys said...

Our library doesn't have one but I think I might suggest it.

Niki Jolene said...

Our library keeps them all in a folder, which is not so organized, but I am happy nonetheless to get all the extra coupons!


BusyMom said...

I suggested it to my library, who was throwing away all of their coupon inserts "beceause it wouldn't be fair to give it to one person". They said it was too much to maintain.