Sunday, June 8

How We Eat Dinner On a Budget...

Dinnertime....I think the worst part of it is trying to figure out what to make...Would you agree?? Now, more than ever the cost off dinner is also starting to be on consumers minds as well. As the grocery prices keep soaring, unfortunately we still have to keep eating!! But, that does not mean we cannot be thrifty about eating yummy dinners every night of the week.

My mother taught me many years plan your weekly dinner meals around what is on sale at the grocery store for that week. For example, this week ShopRite has all Tyson Poultry for 40% this week we will eat chicken a few nights, to take advantage of the sale. The other nights we will eat meat out of the freezer that we stocked up on in the past few weeks when it was on sale. I know you are thinking...But how can you eat so much chicken??

Very easily...first off we are a chicken lovin' family...LOL LOL Secondly, there is a trick to my madness.....all I do is go onto All Recipes, type in the ingredients I wish to use, and up pops a list of recipe ideas to make. This week ShopRite has a few great items on sale like Sour Cream, Sargento Shredded Cheeses, Cream Cheese, Baby Carrots, Grapes, Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce, etc....all great ingredients to work with. I just pick a few items I have in the house, make a run to Produce Junction, or pick up a few of the sale items when I run to the store to make great dinners for a bit less.

Not to mention the variety of different meals you and your family get to try!! Plus with the ratings on All can get a better idea of the likes and dislikes of the dish.

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Meghan said...

No to the Produce Junction.
I absolutely hate that place.
I curse the day the concept was formed!