Tuesday, April 15

A Way To Save on Presciptions!!!

Yes, you read it right!! Today it always seems like everything is going up and up and up. Well, thanks to Walmart and Target you may just be able to save a little of your hard earned cash the next time you get a Generic Prescription!!

Walmart and Target now offer low cost Generic $4 (30-day supply) Prescriptions. Walmart has over 360 low-cot prescriptions all ready! They are trying to help lower health care costs for customers!! If you click here you can view the prescriptions they offer for $4. They are divided into categories to make it easier for you to locate your medication. They also give you the option to drop off your prescription in-store or you can print a form here and do mail order. Very convenient and easy too!!

If Target is easier for you to get too....they also offer a $4 Generic Prescription Plan (30-day supply). You can see the list of drugs they offer here. They are also organized by category to make it a bit easier for you. You can also refill online or in-store and transfer prescriptions online as well. Click here to find out more. Plus if you refill 10 Prescriptions at Target and use your Redcard, you qualify for a 10% off Target one-day shopping pass. They have over 1200 locations.

Also At Target Pharmacy they will add flavoring (for the kiddies!!) to any medicine for free!! Most places charge about $2.99 for this!!

Do you know of another great Pharmacy that offer low-cost generic prescriptions? Please let us know!!


Hot Chica in Me said...

Just fyi: The pharm. at my Target told me that some Rx's can cost the same for a 90 day supply as well as a 30day supply. (from the generic list) You have to get your Dr to write for the 90 day though.

Anonymous said...

Hello- I just discovered that our Target will give you FREE medicine dispencers for the kids. They gave us 4 when my husband asked what isle we could look for one to buy. They work even better than any of the ones on the market today and are reusable. Easy to clean and go up to 2 tsp. with ML also labeled.