Wednesday, April 9

Savings Tips For The Grocery Store Trips!!!

I actually had a chance today to watch about 15 minutes of the Early Show this morning...(trust me, this a rarity). But, I guess it was just meant to the segment I got a chance to see was on grocery expenses and ways to save. Right up my ally, of course!! It was a very interesting piece and tells about other way besides using coupons to save a bit more on groceries. These day as grocery prices keep rising and rising...every little bit saved helps!!!

Be on the look out for shrinking package sizing!! I remember when they first made a gallon of ice cream a bit smaller a while back. I picked it up to put it into my cart and noticed how it was much easier to hold in one hand. Then I happened to look at the ounce size and I noticed it had shrunk. Well, just the size not the price, of course!!!

They also touched on watching out for NON sale items in the store circular. This seems to happening more and more these days I am noticing!! Just be careful not to fall into this trap that companies are suggesting!! It will cost you alot more!! They stated in the piece that a company loves to advertise their product in a store circular as usually their product sales skyrocket from the exposure!! I have seen alot of products listed and pictured in circulars with a 10 cent savings...Whoopie!! Big deal, right!! Always be sure to look for the big 1/2 price bold lettering in the ad or the savings amount!! If it is not on sale and just in the ad...steer clear of the item!!!

Having kids...sometimes us mom's feel like we need all the convenience we can get (at least I do, anyway!!)...sound familiar?? Well, you know those little 100 calorie bags of Sun Chips, or the pre-packaged carrot sticks with a dipping sauce on the side...they are killing wise!!! They showed just how much an ounce we are losing for the convenience factor. In some instances it may be worth it for other instance maybe you could save a bit if you just bought a big box of cereal and pre-portioned it in Tupperware containers?? Check out the shelf tag next time you are at the store and compare the price difference between the may be surprised!!!

And lastly, they talked about End Caps. know those all to well for getting caught up in buying from that big huge tower of Cereal as you are about to leave an isle. Am I right?? Sometimes they do put sale items on the end cap..but not always. And even if they are on sale they may have a shorter expiration date than those products in the isle. I remember a few months back, they had an open top fridge at the beginning of the dairy isle with a whole bunch of Kids yogurt filled to the top with a big sign..."In Store Special...just 89 cents today"!!! Well, I figured something wasn't right....$3.99 yogurt for 89 cents and not in the circular?? Well, I checked the date on the box and they had an expiration date of that exact day. The saying still holds true...if it is too good to be probably is!!

You can read the article here, or even watch the piece. It is very interesting and so very true!! Hopefully these tips will come in handy next time you head out to the grocery store!!

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