Wednesday, February 25

A Great Place For The Memories......

NOTE: Looks like this deal is only valid for people who received this email directly from Shutterfly....sorry folks. I was able to make one using this code, but apparently not everyone is able to use it. So sorry.

If you have little ones I am sure you are one of those crazy mommies (like me, of course) with a camera always in hand to capture all of those cute little moments day in and day out. Perhaps you have some you would like to put together all in one place...maybe make a baby book, a vacation memoir, or even a recipe book for a friend?

Well, now is a great time to tackle a Photo Book. Shutterfly is now offering a FREE 8x8, 20 page Photo Book now through 3/10/09 by using code:PHOTOBOOKS at checkout. You only have to pay shipping & handling charges....roughly about $8.50. The books are usually around $30 mplus S& this is a great deal!!

I have made several of these photo books over the past few months....and they have all turned out beautifully!!! The kiddies look through them now and again and Little Man always thinks back to when a specific photo that was taken and tells or remembers a little story about it. It's so darn cute!! These books are a great way to relive the memories for years to come!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey I try this out on shutterfly and the code didn't work for a free one, it just gave me 20% off