Wednesday, August 12

Introducing Online Ordering....From Pei Wei

If you have never dined at a Pei Wei restaurant....Mmm trust me it is delicious!! A few popped up in our area about a year ago and hubby and I are hooked!! The food is so delicious...yet very reasonable in price as well!! In case you are not familiar Pei Wei it is a fast casual restaurant owned by P.F Chang's China Bistro.

Well, they are now starting to introduce online ordering. It's a fast, easy, new way to order Pei Wei To-go. And just for trying out new online ordering Pei Wei is offering first time online customers 25% off your order under $100.

Not all Pei Wei location offer online ordering yet, you can check for the nearest participating location near you here. You can also view their menu and place an order as well.

Oh...and just in case you cannot decide what to order....the Japanese Teriyaki Bowl is fabulous!!


Unknown said...

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The Deal Fanatic said...

Pei Wei has online ordering now..I love it! The hubby and I try to eat there when the budget permits. Awesome! Thanks for sharing.