Monday, June 30

You Would of Thought They Were Giving Stuff Away.....

We headed to Old Navy on Saturday...we hadn't planned on going but my mother-in-law called us and asked if we would try to stop in and see if they had any of the $1 Flip Flops...for my sister-in-laws wedding reception. So Little Miss had fallen asleep so we could run just a few more errands while she slept.

We drove into the parking lot....and it was jam packed...not a spot available!! We had to head to a neighboring lot to park. We should of known then....We headed inside to find the place jumping!! People everywhere..never have I seen it so crowded...not even around Christmas!!

They had all the flip Flops in the center of the store (that was great!)...or at least used to have....they had way more empty racks than full ones!! All they had in women's were white, black, and brown....and only had size 5 and 6's left!!! Darn...maybe if I glue 2 together for myself they may work??? LOL LOL So, we got none for me...and none for my they had hit another Old Navy up earlier in the day and got size 5 and 6's already!! We did manage to get a few pairs for hubby and Little Man though.

They were having a summer sale....most items were 50% off...not really cheap enough for me yet...LOL LOL But, I did get Little Miss a bathing suit for $7.25...she was in dire need...if you would of seen her belly in the one she has now!! She's growing like a weed, least her belly is, anyway!!!

Plus, I at the bottom of my receipt printed a 10% off coupon for my next visit...I;ll be saving that for the 75% off summer sale..coming up soon!! Can't wait!!

So were you able to get any $1 Flip Flops on Saturday?? Maybe you had better luck...or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who has tiny feet?? LOL

A Yard Saling We Went....

Our local library had a community yard sale on with the nice sunny weather and all we decided to stop by to see what we could find. Little Man couldn't wait to get there. He had already taken a few dollars (in change) out of his piggy bank and was ready to see what new toy/toys he could give new home too. He already knows what yard sales are all about....when we had ours last weekend he learned the ropes...LOL LOL

There were probably about 40 or so people there with tables....I guess the rain in the early, early AM scared some sellers off. But Little Man made out he got 10 Hot Wheels cars for $1.00 and a New in the Package Ramone (From the movie Cars) for just $2.

We also found these great little kiddies plates and bowls for just 10 cents each!!! They are like brand new!!! Some of ours were reaching the 5 year old mark....starting to crack, fade, etc. so they needed replacing. And for 70 cents...who can beat that!!

Great Deals For the Week.....

Was checking through the weekly sale ads yesterday...and came across a few deals that I thought are too good to pass up. A good mix of this and that. Check them out.....

*Have a Thomas Fan??? This week at AC Moore they have Thomas & Friends vehicles, engines & play sets on sale Buy 1 Get 1 Free!!!
While you are there...if you are need of storage for all the Thomas Trains your little guy has accumulated (Can you tell we have a Thomas lover in our house)....they have 1.1 Gallon Storage Shoe Boxes 3 for $1.00!! (regularly $1.09 each) The AC Moore sale runs through Saturday July 5th.

*Through Today Only...CVS has Gold Emblem Purified Drinking water for just $2.99 a case (24 pack). We picked up 2 they are great to take to amusement parks and outdoor events in the hot summer!! There is a limit of 2. They also have Gold Emblem nuts for just $2.99 as well....choose from Colossal Cashews, Macadamia, Premium Mix, or Chocolate Covered...8.5 to 11.5 oz.

*Having a 4th Picnic?? Maybe you need a table for it?? Well Target has a 6 foot folding banquet table for just $39!! It's their lowest price of the season!

*Need Deodorant?? This week ShopRite has Sure deodorant (2.6 invisible solid or 2.7 Original Solid on sale for 1.49 each. Use the B1G1 Free coupon from this Sunday's coupon inserts and get 2 deodorants for just $1.49!! That's just under .75 cents each!!

While you are sure to pick up the Free Pert Plus as well!! Pert Plus is on sale this week for $1.99 each (13.5 oz. bottle). Use the $2.00/1 coupon from yesterday's coupon insert and get a bottle of Pert Plus for FREE!!!

*Need Baby wipes??? ShopRite has their brand, in the 80 ct. refill pack for just .99 each!! Any variety...limit is 4 per variety!! ShopRite sale goes through Saturday July 5th.

*Need Girls Pajamas? Christmas Tree Shops has girls summer pajamas for just $3.99 a set. They are Circo Brand (From Target) the set includes a pair of shorts and a shirt. They had sizes 4-10. Little Miss has a little while till she can wear them...but for $3.99 I just had to buy one pair at least!!
They are the ones that stood out the most this week!! Did you score a few great bargains this weekend??? Go ahead...brag a bit!!

Sunday, June 29

It's A Wegman's Week.....

Well the Fourth of July is almost here...what does that mean...well for us 2 picnics in 3 days!!! Fun, Fun, Fun!! It also means the yummy BBQ food season is upon us as well!! If you have a few picnics this weekend or just staying home with the family...make time for a quick Wegman's Run before the holiday arrives. They have a few great bargains this week...check the out!

-Strawberries & Blueberries 2 for $3.00

-Sweet Corn 4 ears for $1 (We had some last was sweet!)

-Cool Whip Aerosol Whipped Topping (7 oz.) $1.99 w/card
*Use the $1.00/1 Cool Whipped coupon that came out earlier this month to get it for just $.99!!
-North Star Pops...Patriot, Melon, or Tropical $.99 w/card

-Wegmans Sweet Cream Butter (1 lb.) $1.99

-Campbell's Pork & Beans 3 cans for $.99 w/card

-Hebrew National Beef Franks (12 oz.)- 2 for $4.00
*Use the $1.00/1 Coupon that came out in last Sunday's coupon inserts. Get a pack for just $.99!!

-Gillette Series or Satin Care Shave Gel $1.88 each
*Use the $.55/1 Gillette coupon from the June Procter & Gamble coupon insert to get if for just 88 cents!! (Note: This coupon expires on tommorrow the act fast!!)

-Tropicana Fruit Punch or Lite Drinks (64 oz. Carton) just .99 cents!!!

-Doritos Nacho Chips (12.25-13 oz. bag) $1.99 w/card

The starts today and runs through Saturday July 5th!!

Saturday, June 28

5 Great Buys at Acme This Week.....

Like I said last week....Acme is starting to surprise me the past few weeks with a few great buys!! This week is no exception!! On the back of the Circular this week there are some Money savings coupons that are too hard to pass up on!!

-Heinz Ketchup 5 for $5...A great buy!! Must buy 5 (32-36 oz.)
-5 Coca-Cola 2-liters for $4 (One must be Nestea Iced Tea...must buy 5)
-Save $1.00/1 Colgate Total Professional or Wave Toothbrush (Pay just .99 after coupon)
-5 12-packs Pepsi Products for just $10...that's just $2.00 each!!

-FREE Clorox Disinfecting Wipes when you buy any 3 Clorox products (up to $2.79 value) Pay just under $6.00 for 4 items after savings!!*

*The following Clorox products are on sale this week for $1.99 each...Anywhere Spray, Clorox Clean-Up, Tilex, Clorox Disinfecting Wipes, Formula, 409, Clorox Kitchen Cleaner, Pinesol, Clorox Floor and Surface Cleaner.

*Clorox Bleach is on sale for just $1.48 (regular or scented...86-96 oz. bottle)

All of the above deals require the coupon for the savings!! You can see the full circular for your area here. Sale runs through Thursday July 3rd.

Iced Coffee or Iced Tea??

Which do you prefer?? Hopefully one of the 2.....or maybe both??

If so you are in luck...I just saw a TV commercial for a Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee or Iced Tea (16 oz.) for just 99 cents!!! Now through August 5th!!

Their new freshly brewed iced tea can be sweetened or unsweetened...and you can choose from Peach, Raspberry, or Original!!

2 great drinks to cool you down from the hot summer sun!! Enjoy!!

Friday, June 27

Sour Cream Overload.....

I stocked up on Sour Cream right around Memorial use for a few dips to take to some picnics we were attending...and I have two left that are about to expire on July 2nd (Guess I over bought a bit , ya think?) !!! So....I need to use them before they go I did a little Sour Cream recipe searching. Look what I found...Yummy!!!

Chicken Nacho Bake...I will be making this I have all the ingredients for it already!!!

Sour Cream Topped-Cheese Cake.....I have had this before and it is delicious!!!

Banana Sour Cream Bread....I will be sure to make this one just for Banana Bread hos his ultimate fav!!!

Sour Cream Mashed Potatoes...I will be sure to try this one in the winter months...the sour cream would probably make the potatoes so moist and creamy!!

Man....and I narrowed the list down to 4...there are so many yummy looking recipes that use sour cream....I am amazed!! Maybe I should start looking online for recipes more often!!

Now it's your you have a great recipe that sour cream is a part of?? I'd love to know!

Who Likes Wendy's????

Thanks to Niki at Free 2 Be Frugal for the heads up on this promotion!! Wendy's now has Wendy's Mail....just sign up and be one of the first to know all about promotions, coupons, and upcoming specials!! They will even send you a $1.00 off coupon within a week after signing up!! We are a Wendy's lovin' family....and this is the 1st coupon I think I have ever seen for them (Besides the Jr. Frosty Halloween!!
Click Here to sign up!!

Suave Body Wash On the Cheap....

Had to run to Walmart yesterday....yes, I was just there last week, I know!! But they overcharged me on 2 items I had bought. One was a price drop item, the other a Clearance item...and they both rang up incorrectly...higher priced, of course!! I called last week and spoke with the manager who told me to come in for the price difference. So yesterday was the day!! This is why you should try to check your receipt before you leave the store!! I keep telling myself that...but for some reason I do not always listen to my own good advice...LOL LOL !!

While I was there they had an end cap of Suave Body Wash for $1.87 each. If you use the B1G1 Free coupon from the Sunday coupon inserts from 6-22 you pay just 93 cents for each one. A pretty good deal if you are in need of some body wash!!

Thursday, June 26

Freebies, Freebies, Freebies!!

It's almost Friday!!! Yeah!! So here are a few freebies to get you excited about the weekend!!! LOL Enjoy!!

Clean N Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets- Great for removing oil and shine from your face...anytime!!

Free Body 2 oz. Lotion with any purchase at Bath and Body Works- Offer valid now through July 16, 2008. Valid in-store or online.

Gold Bond Powder- Experience the cooling refreshment of medicated Gold Bond Powder.

Auntie Anne's Pretzel- Yummy!!

Clairol Perfect 1O by Nice ‘n Easy- Get High Gloss Color in 10 minutes!! Last for 60 Days!!

Too Hot 2 Cook Thursday.....

It's been so nice and cool the past two days around here...but not today!!! So here it is week 2 already of the Too Hot 2 Cook Recipe Series!! This week is a simple, yet yummy one!! Oh and make sure and stop by Meghan's blog to check out her recipe as well!! Enjoy!

Chicken Caesar Wraps (This feeds our family of 2 adults and 2 kiddies)

- 1 lb. of Grilled Boneless Chicken Breasts (or if you want to make it easier, I suppose you can buy a package of the pre-cooked strips??)
- 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup Caesar Dressing (depending on the flavor you like)
-4- 10-inch Tortilla Wraps (Whole Wheat is yummy!)
-1- head of Romaine Lettuce, washed.
-1- cup of Croutons
-Few Sprinkles of Black Pepper
-2 Tsp. Parmesan Cheese (grated)

1. Just grill the chicken....then refrigerate for about 30 minutes to cool it off. (Could refriderate longer if you'd like to prpare is the night before.)

2. While chicken is cooling cut up the lettuce in small peices then place in large bowl. Next add in the dressing, croutons, and cheese. Then take chicken out of fridge and cut up in small pieces. Add to bowl. Mix well with tongs.

3. Then warm up tortillas (in microwave for about 30 seconds each, or in oven at 350 degrees for about 10 minutes)

4. Next stuff the tortilla with the Caesar salad mixture. Sprinkle a little pepper to taste. Wrap up folding in the two sides in first then roll up and enjoy!!!

For a great side item we usually eat with sliced strawberries or carrot sticks!!

We eat these at least once every 2 weeks in the they are so, so easy to make and the whole family just loves them!!

Giving Your Opinions....Alot of Fun!!

A few months ago I joined a Global Opinion panel called Synovate after seeing it online. Synovate is a Marketing Research firm in which you can let your your opinions be known on the way you feel about products and services you use. I signed's free...with an open mind to see what it was all about.

I receive about 1-2 surveys a week to answer online....the number varies week to week. They email the surveys to my email address or I can check my inbox on their site. Sometimes I do not always qualify for every survey they send my sometimes I do not use the product they want feedback this case the surveys only take about 3-5 minutes. If I do qualify the survey usually take about 15-20 minutes to complete.

I also had the chance to test 2 different types of products at home. I completed a short survey online to qualify and then they shipped the items/item to me in a few days. I had the to test the product in my home for a given amount of time (which they specified) and then give feedback about that product. On one survey I gave me opinions by phone, the other I just filled out a paper survey daily then mailed it back in a pre-paid envelope. Both products I have tested I have loved! They were a lot of fun to do!!

You do not get cash for your participation in the surveys. You get rewards points. Each survey has a different amount of points.....depending on the survey. And for the surveys you do not qualify for you get a few points to thank you, anyway. You just simply collect all the points you earn to put towards a gift card.

You will definitely not make fast cash with this program....but it is fun....I have only collected 1 $5 gift card in the several months I have been a member. But, it had been a great experience...and I will continue to do it...just for that simple reason...the gift card I received was just an added bonus for me!!

Have you tried Synovate?? Or maybe you have another survey site to recommend??

Cheap 4 The Summer.....

My Little Man loves to watch movies on occasion in the evening after Little Miss has gone to sleep for the night. As you know we love to rent movies from our local library...but during the summer.....the library DVD selections can be slim pickings. So last year when Blockbuster ran a summer kids movie rental special....both Little Man and I were excited!! As it is located right next to Shop Rite...and they also had a huge selection of movies to pick from!!

I am very happy to say....Blockbuster is at it again, this summer offering Camp WannaWatchaMovie!! Kids Movie Rentals are just $1.99 or less to rent...the promotion runs all summer long!! To find a participating store near you click here.

Wednesday, June 25

Shoes Off!!

It's Works for Me Wednesday over at Rocks in My Dryer....What works for us?? Not wearing our shoes in the house!! I love a clean house...but the less dirt that comes in means the less dirt I have to get out!! LOL LOL

I have always taken my shoes off since I was just a was just they way it was growing up!! And let me just tell you how I thought my parents were crazy for implementing this "No Shoes In The House Thing!!" But, I got used to it...and looking back years later thought about how great of an idea it really was!! I guess I had to start cleaning my own home...before realizing the good out of it...LOL LOL

Then we had the kiddies...who each went through the crawling, picking up things from the floor, and putting them in their then hubby and I decided "The No Shoes In the House" would become part of our home too!!

We just keep our shoes for the season in the hall closet by the front door....and we rotate them out each season. We also have shoes for each one of us in the garage on the shoe shelf..and outside the back door too. This way whenever we need to step outside...we have shoes right there!!!

Little Man is so used to the "No Shoes in the House" that when we visit others homes....the first things he does upon entering is take his shoes off!! Oh and the 2nd thing is to remind me to take my shoes off as well!! LOL LOL

The Latte Effect.....Is it Dwindling??

I read this very interesting article yesterday in our local Sunday paper......yes, I know it is I am a little behind on my reading......I need to get with it, I know!! It was a great article about the state of the economy and the way people are giving up the little things to save a bit of cash where ever and whenever they can. It even states that by skipping the $1.50 soda at lunch every weekday...can save you almost $400 a year!!! It just reminds us of how the small things really do add up over time!!

I especially liked the part of the article where the mother started making her own Lunchables for her kiddies using a cookie cutter and lunch meat & cheeses!!! WOW!! Great idea!!! I think Little Man would think I was mom of the year to actually have Lunchable-Wanna-Be's in the house!!!! I refuse to pay $4 for one...and they very seldom go on sale!!!

Actually at Target just the other day they had in the Dollar Spot section a Lightening McQueen Sandwich case....if I stuck the Wanna-Be-Lunchable slices in the McQueen case for outings...then I think I would be "Mom of the Year"!!! Not to mention how I could stick fruit shapes in as well!! Wow!! I cannot wait for a picnic at the park to give this great idea a try!!! I'm so excited!!

Have you tried making homemade Lunchables? Or is there something else you make homemade verses buying it pre-packaged and your kiddies love it?? We'd love to hear!!!

To read the whole article Click Here.

I Met A Reader.....

The kiddies and I were hanging out playing at the Park on Monday after the weekly program Monday Fundays had ended. I was catching Little Miss sliding down the slide and another "Mommy" walked up to me and said....."Are You The Thrifty Mommy?" Wow!!! I was kinda shocked!!! Almost felt "cool" for a minute...LOL LOL She introduced herself, and said she had read the blog when I posted about the park program a few weeks back....and came today to check it out.

It was a cool experience.....a first for me!! I always wonder who really reads the blog? If the tips, deals and fun things are helping others out as they do for our family! I really enjoy you all know I just love finding deals and fun things to do with the kiddies...and given the chance to pass it onto others is awesome!!

It was very nice meeting you Jen....(and the kiddies too!!) Thanks for stopping by and reading "The Thrifty Mommy" it so nice to have you!!!

Tuesday, June 24

Our Green Ways............

It's Tipster Tuesday at Be CentsAble....This week it is all about savings on that electricity bill!! So I thought I would join in on the fun and share some things our family does to save a bit! Here it goes......

-Change the Furnace Filter- Hubby change ours about once a month. It is amazing to see all the dust and dirt that piles up on the filter when the month is over!! Changing the filter is a great way to prolong the life of your heater.

-Turn the Lights Out- Whenever we leave a room....we try our best to remember to turn the light out....I am still working on hubby with this one...but Little man and I have it down!! LOL LOL

-Hang Dry Our Laundry- Yes, we are a clothes line hanging family!! Not only will this save you a little on your electricity bill....but will also keep your clothes from shrinking and looking less fading too!! I just toss the load in the dryer for just 10 minutes (gets the wrinkles out)then take them out and hang dry them on the line.

-Use Motion Lights Outdoors- These lights are great!! We have one out back and one out front...this way when we come home late at night the light automatically turns on for us to get into the house!! The one in the back is good for taking out the trash at night....I would hate to run into a raccoon in the trash can...AHH!!! You can set them for the amount of minutes you would like them to stay on. We love them!!

-Install A Dimmer Switch- The light in our Dining Room was so bright when we moved was annoying, so hubby installed a dimmer switch. This not only reduces the bright light, but also saves electricity too!!

These are just some of the ways our family tries our best to keep the electricity bill down each month. Most are very simple, and very easy to do. In fact we are so used to's just part of our routine now.

How does your family save a little green on your electricity bill??? Hey...our family could always be greener!! LOL LOL

In and Out in No Time.....

Made a quick run to Target it was quickly approaching nap I was in and out in no time. LOL LOL They are remodeling my nearest Target so it takes me a while to find where everything is whenever I stop in....they are always re-arranging!! I will be glad when the remodeling is over!!!

Here is what I bought......

-2- Hershey's Chocolate Syrup $1.52 each
-3- J&J Baby Lotion $2.09 each

I had the following coupons.....

-1- $5.00 off the 3 J&J more about where I got the coupon from here.
-1- 1.00/2 Hershey's Chocolate Syrup coupon (from previous weeks Sunday coupon insert)

So I paid just $3.40 for everything after coupons!!!!

*I did not have any J&J manufactures that would of made the deal a bit sweeter....I used them all with the last Target coupon I had...LOL LOL

Play Dates With Thomas & Friends...

I have a huge Thomas Fan at our house...and no it is not me...LOL LOL Little Man is and has been a huge fan of Thomas & Friends for a while now! Anything related to Thomas is a huge hit for him!! Sound like someone you know?? Well you are in luck!!

Toys R Us is offering a Play Date with Thomas this Saturday June 28th from 11am-1pm. They will offer Story time every half hour, Coloring Fun, Play table Fun, and Special In-store Savings !! They are also passing out Free Trading Cards while supplies last!!

Cannot make it on Saturday...not to worry they are also having Play Dates with Thomas on September 13th and October 11th. Click here to find a Toys R Us near you.

Monday, June 23

Kellogg's Cereal.....A Deal For You Maybe??

We are a cereal loving family!!! Even Little Miss loves cereal already...probably from watching the rest of us eating it all the time...LOL LOL We each have our distinct favorites...of course, all of us loving the same cereal cereal would be too easy....and a tad bit boring to the cereal cabinet!!! LOL LOL So when there is a great cereal know we will be there!!! At the regular price of between $4-$5 a box...I am always on the lookout for a sale!!

This week Target has Kellogg's Cereal on sale.....5 boxes for $11. Plus.....when you buy 5 boxes you get a $5 Target Gift card!! The ad shows Fruit Loops, Raisin Bran...and says select others as well. That means you get 5 boxes of cereal for just $6!!! An awesome deal!!!! Plus, check to see if you have any manufacturer's coupons to save even more!!
I will be sure to check it out when I go this week....hopefully...I can cash in on the deal!!

The sale runs through Saturday June 28th.

Deals 2 Good To Pass Up at ShopRite.....

Made my weekly trip to ShopRite yesterday....they had a few things that were a good buy this week. Here are a few things I ran in for......

*Capri Sun 100% juice pouches(10 count)......$1.88 each!! These are great to have on hand in the fridge for those hot summer day outings!!!!

*Hansen Junior Juice boxes (4 count)....69 cents...great for the little ones who cannot drink a full juice box!

*Popsicle Brand Popsicles (18-24 count) or Ice Cream Shots....$1.99 each

*Kudos Granola Bars $1.99 (I always get coupons for these that print from the coupon machine at checkout!!)

*Heinz Ketchup (2lb. 14 oz. container)...$1.49

*Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce....$1.00 each....(Look for rebate for a free jar in this Sunday's coupon inserts!)

*Royal instant Pudding Boxes....29 cents each!! These are great to make for an evening snack!!

*Gerber Little Munchies (Wagon Wheels, and Crunchies) just $1.67 each. Use your manufacturer's coupons from Gerber to save even more!

*Top Round London Broil Twin Package...(Limit 1)....$1.39 a lb.

*Ray-O-Vac Batteries....2 count-12 count.....AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-Volt.......$2.99 each (Use your $1.00 off manufacture coupon from yesterday's coupon inserts to save even more!)

I just made a quick run-in trip today...not a whole lot on sale this they are having a FREE gas card promo this week. I noticed that there are a lot of items featured in the circular are not on sale...or are very little off the regular price!

Any other great deals you came across this week at ShopRite??

Oatmeal Lovers In You House??

My two kiddies just love Instant Oatmeal....between the two of them we go through a box a week. My Little Man has been eating it for years...and Little Miss has grown to love it just as much!!! They eat it most mornings for breakfast...and even sometimes for a snack in the afternoon on occasion.

Quaker Instant Oatmeal very rarely goes on sale....and at regular price of around $3.50-$4.00 a can start to add up quickly week after week. Plus it is rather rare to find coupons for and again maybe but not regularly! Knowing that Little Man loved it I would always check our local stores to find the cheapest price. I found that Shop Rite carries their store brand Instant Oatmeal for just $1.50 a box an everyday low price!! If a ShopRite is not in your area.......Check Target. Near me Target has the next cheapest at $1.69 a box for Market Pantry brand. I have tasted both brands and they both taste just like Quaker!

So why Instant?? Yes, it may be a bit cheaper for me to purchase a container of Quaker Quick Oats and cook them myself for the kiddies...asI would get a few more bowls of oatmeal out of it. But they usually both wake up at different times....and if you have ever tasted hour old would agree not to serve it to the kiddies as well...LOL LOL I also sometimes pop a packet in the diaper bag when we are heading out....if all else fails I know Little Miss will eat oatmeal anytime! They are also a fan of the different flavor varities....this way as to not eat the same thing everyday.

Just in case you have an oatmeal lover in your home as well...

Sunday, June 22

It's Getting Harder.....

Well Little Man is growing like a needless to say he is now out of toddler sizes and moving into boys!! time flies!! I just cannot believe it!! I am a pretty good stockpiler of clothing items for the kiddies...usually that is! But for some reason last summer when I was stocking up on summer clearance, I did not buy but one pair of summer pajamas for Little Man!! How could I have forgotten pajamas??

Now that he has moved into boys....the prices are a wee bit higher than toddler sizes. Which I would expect as the clothes are a little bigger. So I have been on the hunt for a few pair of summer pajamas for him...with no luck! I used to buy him pajamas at Target, Ross, or Kohl's but have been having no such luck!! At Ross they had not one pair in his size?? Target has a limited selection...and they want $20 for a pair....way to steep for me!!! LOL LOL Kohl's had them for $15 on sale last time I was there...but none in the characters Little Man likes.

So he is rockin' his skin tight jammies from last summer...Oh and he mixes in a pair of winter ones here and again too...LOL LOL Just last week when it was like 90 degrees out he pulls out of his drawer his fleece jammies to put on....poor kid would of sweat to death overnight!!

So I need to venture out and get him a few pair of summer jammies ASAP.....before we get another heat wave in town!! Do you have kiddies about Little Man's age?? Where have you found the best place for pajamas are? Am I looking in all the wrong places?? Or is $20 the norm?? Am I just being too cheap??

Saturday, June 21

It Happens...SunBurn..Ouch!!

It's happened to all of us one time or spend the day out in the sun having fun and you forgot to put on the sunblock before you headed outdoors!! When do you remember you forgot to lather it on?? That evening when you are sunburn and hurting, of course! Here are a few ways to help keep you comfy...sunburn and all.

*Take a Cool Shower....your body temperature is very hot from the sunburn, take a cool shower and cool your body down. This fells wonderful when you are sunburn..betcha you won't want to get out!!

* Take an Ibuprofen..this will help the inflammation go down.

*Drink lots of cold water to prevent dehydration!!

*Prevent Peeling... very gently rub a little Preparation H cream over the sunburn..this will also help take the swelling down.

*Aloe...have an aloe it up and spread it all over the sunburn. This will help ease the pain quickly. I can remember as a kid we had an aloe plant in the house just for this reason!! It really works well!!

* Cool Cucumber a kid I had a girlfriend's mother who swore by this method! She would just take a cucumber out of the fridge, slice it and then rub it over the sunburn area.

* Cover Up...if you must go out in the sun in the couple days after the sunburn, be sure to cover up!!! The worst thing you can do is expose the sunburn area to more sun!!

I am now a stickler with the sunblock on the kiddies!! Sunburn is painful...I have experienced it too many times to know that I do not want the kiddies to feel that terrible pain!!

Had a bad burn in the past? What did you find worked best to ease the pain?? Or did you use something that you will never use again for sunburn?

Here's hoping that you will not have to refer back to this!

Friday, June 20

Calling All KFC Fans.....

As I was driving in the car today......a few commercials came on the radio and one was for KFC. I must admit...I have not been to a KFC in years...not that I do not like KFC, there just really is not one right around the corner. So when I got home I decided to click onto their website and see if I could find some info about these new Lunch Meals they were talking about. I searched and searched with no luck.

I was now a tad bit more curious than before...since I could not find any info on it! So I decided to give them a call to find out some of the details. The service rep indicated that KFC is now offering Lunch Time Meal Deals from 11am-2pm starting at just $2.99. For $2.99 you can choose either a leg and thigh with a side and biscuit OR a breast with a side and biscuit. For just $1.49 more you can add another side item or a drink. She also stated that the $1.49 price may vary depending upon your location and what the current price of a side item costs at that store. She also stated that participating stores may only be offering these Lunch Deal Meals on Tuesday' other stores may offer them all week long. Best advice is call the nearest location you plan to visit to see if and when they are participating!! Personally......I think they should of been a bit less complicated on when they are offering the Lunch Meal Deals?? Wouldn't you agree??

KFC also offers coupons via email when you register click here to sign up!! They come in your inbox very quickly!!

If you go...let me know how you make out!!

Kids Fun Pass.....

Are you a parent to young ones living in Delaware, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey? If so then read on........ I was leaving the library the other day and I always grab this complimentary magazine on the way out, it is called Curious Parents. It is a great little magazine about things to do, places to see, has some interesting articles, tips, and more.

Well last night I finally had a chance to glance through it. And guess what I found inside.....A Kids Fun Pass. What is that you ask?? A pass that gives you discounts and even some free visits to several places in our area. You can get discounts to The Children's Discovery Museum, The Crayola Factory, The Camden's Children Garden, Strasburg Railroad, All Fired up, just to name a few.
We are always looking for fun things to do as a family in the nice we will have to check out a few of these places....I know Little Man would love to check them out!!
The magazine I picked up today is the June looks like this:

If this would interest sure to get a copy July is just around the corner!!

Look What $19.99 buys at Acme This Week!!!

I received my sale ad today and guess what....Acme is starting to add many more great deals to their circulars lately. Check this out....For just $19.99 you get 10 pounds of meat...!!! You read that right....The slae starts today and ends Thursday the 26th.

Here is how it works.....

-You pick any 5 packages of meat*..mix and match with the "Pick 5" label on it...and pay just $19.99...reguardless of the package price!!

-You must buy 5 packages to get the special pricing!

-Varieties will change daily due to availability.

-*You can mix and match from the following meats....Boneless Chicken Breast, Split Chicken Breasts, Ground Beef, Italian Sausage, Chuck Steak, Beef Shoulder Steak, Pork Sirloin Chops, Pork Country Ribs, Thrifty Pack Pork Chops, Banquet Frozen Chicken, Tastee Choice Frozen Seafood.

2 More Great Deals Worth noting this week as well...

-Hellmann's Mayo is just $2.33 for the 24-30 oz. container. Use your .50/2 coupon from the Redblum insert from back in May and Acme will triple it to $1.50 off. So you will get 2 containers of Mayo for just $3.16!! You must buy 2 for the deal...and this is part of a 4-Day sale running today to Monday June 23rd.

-Use the store coupon on the front page of the cicular and get 6 Coke 12-packs for just $11!!! You must buy 6 to get this great price!! Choose from Coke, Diet, Coke Zero, or Sprite. Coupon good until 6/26.

I will be heading to Acme this week for sure...Plus... a backyard BBQ may be in the near future as well with these great deals...LOL LOL

Thursday, June 19

Too Hot To Cook Easy Summer Recipe....

Well summer is here...Yeah!! And I am sure like's so stinkin' hot who really feels like cooking an elaborate meal for dinner?? Take-out always sounds good...but why not try and make a fast, quick, easy, yummy meal yourself!! Who really feels like eating heavy food at 99 degree temperatures?? Well, for the summer months through Labor Day every Thursday ...I am going to post a "Too Hot To Cook Recipe". Thanks to the new bloggers group I have joined SJ Bloggers for the topic.

Here you go....week # brings BBQ of our family favorites!! The best part is that each person can make their own kabob with whatever they like on it. That is how we do it to be sure the kiddies will eat them and enjoy them just as much as hubby and I!!


-1 lb. Boneless Chicken Breasts or Beef Cubes...or a little of both!
-1 can Pineapples
-1 large Red Onion
-1 Red or Green Pepper
-1 can of Pineapple Chunks
-1 Pint Grape Tomatoes

-Baby Red Potatoes
-Some BBQ Sauce

Simply take a Skewer and stick on alternating ingredients to form colorful kabobs. Make sure the pineapple is next to the it makes the meat tender while cooking!

Then with a brush spread some BBQ sauce all over the filled skewers...both sides (Sweet Baby Ray's is the Best!)

Place them on the grill for about 10-15 minutes on medium heat turning frequently. You can also smear on more BBQ while cooking if you like as well.

We love to eat Kabobs with an ear of corn or a Ceasar or Side Salad.


Do you have a quick, easy summer meal that you prepare for your family too in the hot summer months? I can never have too many meal ideas!!!

In The Mood For Cheescake???

Well then how about a free slice... The Cheesecake Factory is celebrating it's 30th anniversary and they would like to share the love with all of their loyal customers. Just purchase 2 entrees' between Monday June 23rd and Thursday June 26th and choose a slice of your choice!

Just Click here to print the coupon and enjoy!!

Mmmm...Cheesecake, My Favorite!!!

All For Lemonade & Cupcakes......

Little Man will be helping me with the Yard Sale on Saturday...and he wants to sell things to save his money for a new game....but the best part is that he told me "I do not have anything to sell, Mom!" To funny...LOL LOL

So later on in the day yesterday he comes to me and says I've got it......I can sell Lemonade!! will be his 1st Lemonade Stand!! I was pretty impressed he came up with such a great idea.....I have Curious George to "Thank" for that actually!!! LOL LOL I suggested we make some cupcakes to go along with the tasty Lemonade....and he thought that would be great!!

So off to Walmart we headed to get some Lemonade...and a some cake mixes!! While browsing I came across a few great buys!! Here are a few things worth noting.......

-The Betty Crocker Cake Mixes are $1.08 each...if you buy 2 and use the $1.00/2 coupon from Memorial Day weekend coupon insert...they come out to just 58 cents a box!!!

-Thanks to Wylie Mom...while I was there I remembered to use my $1/1 Huggies Clean Team coupon....I got a pack of flushable wipes for just 64 cents!! Man...I wish I had a few more this is the 1st time my local Walmart actually had some in-stock. Just a note....These are located in the Health & Beauty Department...not with Baby Gear in my local store!!

Then I headed to the boys department and found Little Man 3 shirts on Clearance for just $3.00 each!!! One has a regular price of $12.88!!! 2 of them will be for the winter...just perfect for Preschool...for $3.00 who cares if they get paint on them, right??

All in all a good trip!! Except for that they were all out of County Time Lemonade....I guess other little ones have nothing to sell at their Mom's Yard Sale this weekend either?? LOL LOL

*By the way only 1 cake mix is shown in the Little Man has the other box safe in his room while he takes a nap...LOL

Wednesday, June 18

Reading Bug...Have Your Kiddies Caught It???

Today we took our weekly trip to the Library to get some new books and games. As we walked by the front desk they had an unrecognizable table set up in the Children's Area. Little Man was very curious to see what the line was all about leading up to the table so we walked over to check it out! One of the librarians filled us in all about The Summer Reading Program they feature.

This is how it works....Each participant is given a log to record the number of minutes that they read/or are read to per day...You then write in the number of minutes in the appropriate ant..for a prize at the end of each week. The number of minutes must be 15...and in 5 different days out of the seven day week.

Plus, you can collect bonus stickers when you attend library events...if you collect 4 of these you can get a prize as well!

Then if you complete the summer reading program for the 5 weeks the participants names are put in to a drawing for a chance to win a tote full of books!!

This program is for ages 4-12........but not to worry....Little Miss can participate in a similar program as they also offer a Lightning Bug program for all up to 47 months old too!

I think it is a great program....Little Man just loves to be read to.....he looks so very forward to eat each and every night! Now it will be even more fun for him to get prizes for something he really enjoys!!

Be sure to check out your local library for lots of FREE fun things to do all summer long!! Already checked it out? What does your local library offer?

All Our Junk.....

I try to keep our junk to a minimum...but it happens, sometimes it piles up a bit. You know how it is you have not used an item for a while so you stash it in the rediscover it a year later. Well, then I guess I do not really need it, do I??? So I am cleaning out!!

My sister-in-law & mother-in-law are having a yard sale this they asked if I'd like to join in on the fun....LOL LOL Right up my alley, as you out my house of things we no longer use...and making a little cash too!! I love yard sales!!! LOL LOL

So yesterday I lugged everything out of the attic, cleaned out cabinets, peeked in drawers...and came up with a nice nice pile of stuff to sell! ( I would post a pic...but the mess in my garage is a bit embarrassing...LOL) Not to mention my sister loaded me up with several things before she took of last week. So I priced everything, sorted baby clothes by sizes, hung them on hangers, wrote measurements of curtains down, made sure everything works...etc. Took me 3 hours yesterday!! But...hey it's done, and with My Little Guy helping me write price tags....and Little Miss helping to take off the price tags and un-hang the was a good time!!!

So tomorrow I will call our local paper to place the ad....this is a must for a successful yard sale around us! A few signs will be made to hang up at the end of my sister-in-laws street and we will be ready to sell, sell, sell!!! Now, we just need to cross our fingers and hope for a rain-free day!! I'll be sure and let you know how I do!!

Have you recently had a very successful yard sale? Can you share any great tips you learned? I would love to know!

B1G1 1/2 Off!!!

As you know I am a new recent fan of Payless!! I purchased a few pair of shoes there a few weeks can read all about it here. I have been very happy with my Little Miss has been wearing the shoes I purchased for her for a little while now and they are holding up very well! Just let me tell you...she is rough on shoes...especially playing in the yard!! If there is a puddle to step in, or a berry to squash that has fallen from the tree...she will find it to splash or squash!! Just part of her exploring stage, I guess?

Anyway, Payless is once again through July 7th having a Buy 1 Get 1 1/2 Off sale!! They have a great selection online...and you can pick-up for free in-store....or if you spend $50, you qualify for Free Shipping to your home!! Another great perk of online shopping...Free Shipping plus shopping at home!!! Trust me the kiddies love it just as much as I do...LOL LOL

Tuesday, June 17

Mail Call...

WOW!! Hit the jackpot in my mailbox today!!! I love it when I get Freebies and goodies I had forgotten I signed up for!! Here is what I found in my Mailbox today.....

* A coupon for a FREE box of Honey Bunches of Oats Cereal from this offer
* A Free sample of Dove Shampoo and Conditioner along with 2 $2.00/1 coupons
* A Home Depot Gardening Club Newsletter with money saving coupons inside
*Free Sample of Crystal Light Drink Mix with a coupon from Walmart

Hey...I will take these better than bills anyday!!! LOL LOL Did you get any Freebies in the mail today??

Our Local County Park System.....

Every summer our local County Park System with the help of sponsors puts on a number of FREE summer events for families to enjoy. They offer everything from movie nights, concerts, fireworks, seniors programs, workshops, kids events, and many more fun activities! The summer program runs from late May until late September so there is always plenty of things to do!!

Just the other day, I took Little Man and Little Miss to one of the Kids programs they offer called Monday Fundays. It is a cute little program for the kiddies. The topic was all about Dinosaurs....which Little Man finds so interesting!! They talked about dinosaurs with the help of props, and kiddie audience to keep the kiddies involved and interested. They even had a hand-made Volcano that they erupted for the kiddies to see. Little Man loved it...thought it was so COOL!! Then they passed out dough to all the kiddies and they made a fossil to take home.

They also offered cookies and juice for snack. And had a sponsor Chick-Fil-A there with a little game for the kiddies to play (Sort-of like Plinko from The Price Is Right). You drop the flat circles into the slot and where ever it lands at the a FREE food item you win to Chick-Fil-A. Little Man got to play for Little Miss as well...Oh and I got to play too..they insisted!! So we won a Free Waffle Fries, Free Milkshake, Free Salad, and A Free 3-piece chicken tenders!!!

The program lasted a bit over an hour and was a good time. We look forward to next Monday when we can go again!! Do you have a similar program where you live? Do your kiddies love it just as much as Little Man?

Who Likes Freebies??

I do, I do! Happy Tuesday to you. Here's is a great way to start off your day...Freebies!!! Enjoy!!

Playtex Gentle Glide- 2 New products from Playtex....Choose from Ultra or Slender.

FlixSticks- Floss Sample, helps remove plaque and freshen breath!

MultiGrain Cheerios -Satisfying, Delicious, and Nutritious.

AquaFresh Extreme Clean -Toothpaste with Micro-Action Foaming Action.

Celine Dion Sensational- The Luminous Fragrance for you by Coty.

Monday, June 16

Great Grocery Deals......

This week ShopRite has a few great I made the trip yesterday and did well!!

Here is what I purchased:

-2- Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce $1.39 each (This is the best...if you have never tried it!!!)
-2- Turkey Hill Ice Cream $2.74 each
-4- Johnson's Reach Dental Floss 2 for $3
-2- Kraft 8 oz. Salad Dressings $.99 each
-1- 20 ct. Electrasol Dishwasher Tabs $2.34
-1- La Yogurt Container (32 oz.) $.99

I used the following coupons:

-1- $1.00/2 Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce (From previous weeks Sunday insert)
-1- $1.00/1 Turkey Hill Light Ice Cream (From previous weeks Sunday insert)
-1- ShopRite Store Coupon for $3.50 off 2 Turkey Hill Ice Cream
-1- 1.00/1 Electrasol coupon (.75 face value...doubles to $1.00 off)
-1- 1.00/2 Kraft Salad Dressing (From this past Sunday's insert)

After coupons I paid just $ got a coupon for $5.00 off my next shopping order "Thanks" to the deal ShopRite is offering this week....Buy 3 participating brands get $5.00 off your next shopping order. I bought 4 of the flosses instead of 3 because you had to buy in increments of 2 for the $3 price.

For a second when I was handed the $5 off coupon by the cashier I felt like I was at CVS for a second....LOL LOL

Find any other great ShopRite Deals this week??

Clearance, Clearance, Clearance......

Oh how I love thee.....We had to make a quick run to Target over the weekend, as I had a few returns I needed to make, and my receipts were about to expire. It was not our usual Target that we go I was curious to see if they had any good Clearance.

They had lots of women's clearance...pajamas, shirts, Capri's...most items just 30% off (not cheap enough for me...LOL LOL) But they did have a few racks of 50 and one rack of 75 off as well. It was the last department I stopped in and the kiddies were done shopping!! So I did not really have a chance to browse as much as I would of liked.

They had a few racks of baby boys clearance at 50% and 75% off...but, I have a baby girl!! They had a small 75 off rack for little I did get Little Miss a pair of Capri's for next summer for just $1.74!!! I then was off to the boys department for Little him a polo style shirt for 75 off for just $3.24! I also got a Men's polo shirt on Clearance for just $ was 75% off!! (not pictured) Not sure why it was on it was the only one and in the boys department. Rang up correctly so I was happy!!

I will be sure to go back in the next couple weeks as the summer items will soon be going 50 and 75 off!! The best time to shop for me!! LOL LOL
I heart Target Clearance!!

Vine 2 Groundcover??

We moved in our current home a few years ago and the landscaping was a tad neglected....But we did have some ground cover (ivy) in a spot just around our back patio wall. We moved in our new home in October, so most of the plants and greenery was about to hibernate and die off for the winter. Plus, I must admit....with all the work going on inside, we did not spend much time fixing the outside before the cold weather was upon us. The following spring we headed to the outdoors to re-landscape the beds and fix up the yard to our liking. I headed over the the large ivy patch and noticed that there was something else sprouting from the ivy??? I was a tad puzzled? Was it a weed?? It was all over!

My mom is a garden know-it-all so the next time she came for a visit I asked her what this could be in with the ivy?? She replied Vinca. I was a little shocked. Personally, I thought she did not know what she was talking about. So I left it be....after all it was a light green color and was starting to look rather nice. A few weeks went by and the Vinca (as my mom referred to it as) started to get real pretty little purple flowers on it. guessed it Mom was right again!!! It was Vinca!!! I thought Vinca was just a traveling vine to put in a hanging basket? But, little did I know it was also a ground cover to!! A very pretty ground cover at that!!

So I had learned something new that day....and I just love my Vinca in with the is just so beautiful!! And you would not believe how many compliments we get from people also stating they just cannot believe it is Vinca and how nice it looks!

Do you have a spot that needs ground cover in your yard?? At our local Produce Junction Vinca is now just .75 a pot. You would probably just need a few to get you started...and next spring it will really take off and look gorgeous!! Remember it does die-off for the cold winter I think that was why the previous owners mixed it in with that during the winter the spot would not be bare.

Sunday, June 15

Another Great Target Coupon!!!

In today's Sunday Paper coupon insert is a great Target store coupon!! The coupon reads $5 off the purchase of any 3 qualifiying items...Expires 7-31-08

The items you can choose from are:
-Band-aid Brand adhesives bandages
-Neutrogena Sun Care
-Johnson's & Johnson's baby products

About a 6 weeks ago Target put out a coupon very similar to this one except the coupons was for $5 off the purchase of any 5 (same products). So this one is even better!!!

The best part is the since it is a Target store can also use manufacture coupons as well to make the deal even sweeter!!! Coupons for the Band aids are actually in this weeks coupon insert!! And most of the other product coupons can be found in previous weeks coupon inserts!!

If you are in need of baby lotion by J&J and you do not have a manufacturer's coupon to go with the Target coupon, my local Target carries a 9 oz. lotion for just $2.09. When you subtract the $1.67 for the Target can get a bottle of lotion for just 42 cents!!! A Great Deal!!!

Saturday, June 14

The New Southern Style Chicken Sandwich.......

Well I must say...I am not a frequent customer of McDonald's by far. I go here and again....if My Little Guy begs enough...just kidding. We will stop if we have coupons....never for I am not a fan at all. But in the recent years as they have added some more items to the menu, I have grown to like a few of them. I think that there salads are good, and also there Premium Chicken sandwiches I like as well....only with coupons though, as they are a bit pricey!! I used to love there fries....but I guess my old age is showing....fries just do not do anything for me anymore. In fact, I'd rather have the Apple Dippers that comes with the Happy Meal!!!

So when I received a coupon in my mailbox a few weeks ago for a Free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich, I thought I will get around to giving it a is free after all!! So yesterday, I finally had the chance to try it. The New Southern Style Chicken Sandwich came on a fresh buttered bun with pickles, and a generous sized piece of flavorful chicken. It was quite tasty, it had all white meat, very tender and juicy, and very filling! All I had was the sandwich and I was stuffed!! The regular price of the sandwich is $3.09 (at our local McDonald's) which I guess is the going rate these days for a good chicken sandwich. I just wished it had cheese, lettuce and tomato on it...then it would of been almost perfect!!

Have you tried the New Southern Chicken Sandwich at McDonald's yet??

Friday, June 13

A Great BBQ on a Budget....

This past weekend we had a BBQ with lots of family and friends over...Tis the season! I love to have backyard BBQ's as it is great to have friends & family over to talk, catch up, let the kiddies play and have fun....Oh and of course eat lots of delicious food as well!! We usually have a few small BBQ's a season....and since the costs can add up quickly there are a few things we like to do to try and keep the party budget as close to on target as possible while still having a great time!!

1. Make a Budget and Stick to It- I always have a round about idea of what a summer BBQ will run us before I even start inviting. This is very then you know what to expect to have put less surprise! I always write a list of what I will serve, how many guests I will invite, beverages we will serve, kids fun activities we will have, supplies we will need (paper goods, cups, utensils, etc.).

2. Have Guests Bring Something- Anytime we are ever invited to a get-together (with the exception of a Birthday then we bring a gift) We always bring appetizer, or perhaps a dessert I homemade. Most times when I RSVP that we will be attending I ask the host "Is there is anything special you would like me to bring?" I do not mind bringing a it is just my little way of showing the host/hosts "Thanks so much for Having Us"!!!

3. Keep the Menu Simple- Go with the less is more approach. This way whatever food you do offer you are able to spend a bit more time preparing and perfecting it. You will also save yourself from going crazy trying to make so many different things the night before or morning of the BBQ!! Also plan your menu around what meat is one sale that week or buy meat in bulk at the Wholesale Club (Sam's Costco, B.J's). Plus, remember guests are going to be bringing a dish as well!!

4. Are Kids Attending?- If so you may want to have a few activities planned for them to keep busy and have fun while at your home too!! Some great things we have done at BBQ's that the kiddies really enjoyed were hitting the pinata, having a slip n slide or kiddie pool, making sand art, running threw the sprinkler , playing Play-Doh, having water balloons for tosses, making Lei's using dyed macaroni (which I dye ahead of time, of course)...and the list just goes on!! Just think of a few fun things your kiddies like to do...or ask them what kind of fun things they might like to do at the summer BBQ!

5. Keep Invites Simple- Invite Guests by using Evite, or make some phone calls....this will avoid the cost of invitations and postage stamps. I have used Evite for a few occasions....and I love it!! It is very easy to use, free, and guests reply back right online. And for those guests that do not have Internet access just simply give them a call.

6. Keep Drink Selection to a Minimum- I love to just get the Party Cocktail Buckets, some beer, a pitcher of iced tea, water, and a few bottles of soda. I am sure as long as you offer a few different choices your guests will be more than happy with the selection!! Oh and remember....if you are having a huge number of guests...look into the price of a it may be cheaper than purchasing cases!

Is there a certain something that is a MUST when planning your summertime backyard BBQ?? Any tips to share to help us save a bit more? Something you've tried to save a little money that did not pan out as you'd of hoped??

Summer Sales Already????

Can you believe it?? It is not even July yet and already The Summer Clothing Sales are upon us!!

Old Navy is having a Summer Looks Sale!! They have many items for the whole family for under $20. Use your Old Navy card and save 10% off using code ONCARDTEN. Shipping is a flat $7 for your whole order..remember they now have a 4 stores & 1 checkout!! Also don't forget to check out the Bargains sections as well!!

While browsing make sure and enter the Fashion Cash-In Sweepstakes they are running. You can enter for a chance to win $1,000. You can enter once a day through June 19th.

NY & Company is also having a $5.99 and Up Summer Sale!! Lots of items for $5.99, $7.99, $9.99, and $14.99. Spend $75 or more and use coupon code 2665 for Free Shipping. Code is valid until 6.21.2008. Click here to checkout the selection.

Also sign up for there emails for great fashion news at the bottom of the page you will receive a 20% off coupoas a bonus!

Let me know what you find good!!

The Big 'Ol Box of Bills......

Ah yes, most people have a filing cabinet or a desk that they use to store all their paid bills, statements, store receipts, and other misc. paperwork. Not us....we have a Box.....Yes, just a regular old cardboard box that was sent to use with an item in it from who-knows-where that we recycled into it's current purpose.

Here is a picture of the Box....

It is pretty well category.....for example water & sewer, mortgage & tax bills, medical & prescriptions, cable, home & cell phone, etc. I use a binder clips to organize all the papers to keep them together in their place. Here is a picture of a few of them to give you an idea......
Now I am a bit Un-organized when it comes to store specific receipts (i.e. Walmart, Target, etc.).......I have a Big Brown Folder/Envelope that I just toss store receipts in. They are in no sort of order what-so-ever....I really need to find a better way....I guess I just dread the task. Hopefully I will get motivated to find a solution sooner than later. I do save almost all receipts...with the exception of a few that I do not feel I need to save. Yes, it may take me while to find a receipt I need for a return...but trust me I will eventually find it!!! Sometimes it seems like the folder is never-ending!! LOL LOL

I know my system may seem a bit that I am writing all this is even beginning to seem strange that this has worked for us for 3 years now!! But it I am sticking to it!! With the exception of the store receipts folder...that I must work on!!

How do you file/store all your bills and paperwork??? Do you have a filing cabinet? A desk? Maybe you have a crazy filing system like me?? I would love to know!!

Now....if you need me I am going to put my "Box" happily back on the attic steps where is belongs!!

Thursday, June 12

CVS Weekly Run....

Not much on sale this week....or maybe it's just too hot to shop?? I just ran in real quick to use up some ExtraBucks on a few things that were on sale this week.

This is what I purchased:
-1- Huggies Wash $3.49
-1- Jumbo Pack Huggies Diapers $7.99

I had the following coupons:
-1- 1.50/1 Huggies Wash (From CVS mailer they sent me on Monday)
-1- 2.50/1 Huggies Diapers (From the CVS mailer they sent me on Monday)
-1- 3.49 in ExtraBucks
-1- 3.98 in ExtraBucks

I paid $0.00.....and got back $2.00 in ExtraBucks for the Huggies Wash!!! Not bad at all fro baby items we use daily!!

RecycleBank..Ever Heard of It???

After a few months of consideration our township has just decided to participate in a new Recycling program called RecycleBank. They just dropped of this new snazzy large wheeled cart the other day (see pic at right...) is so large I think me and the kiddies could fit inside...LOL LOL We are current recyclers now....we fill up our recycling bucket each and every week...yes, it is about 1/3 of the size of the new we shall see if we can even fill up the new one half way......

There seems to be some great perks about this new RecycleBank program to encourage more recycling in our town. Here are a few of the highlights.....

-Convenience.....We will simply throw all of our recyclables into the Recycling Cart...there is NO need to sort recyclables anymore......just toss everything in the cart.

-Recycle More.....We can recycle more items than previously...We can now recycle aluminium cans, steel cans, tin cans, Plastic Containers #1, 2, Detergent Containers, Plastic Milk Containers, Glass bottles and jars, Cereal boxes, newspapers, telephone books, mixed paper, cardboard, and junk mail.

-Get Rewards....We can now earn rewards for recycling.....Each week the amount we recycle is calculated by an automated system on the Recycling truck and is then converted to recycle Bank points. These points can be converted to order rewards at participating partners including CVS, ShopRite, Kraft Products, Dick's Sporting Goods, and many more!!

It seems like an even better incentive to recycle even more than we currently do!! Recycling is a great way to save the environment and now for doing so we will be rewarded for our efforts!!! I am excited about the new program...and cannot wait for it to start in a few weeks.

Does you town use RecycleBank?? Maybe a program similar to it? Are there any cons about it? Please share I would love to know!!!