Friday, October 31

Babies R Us....One Day Sale!!!

Tomorrow Babies R Us is having a BIG One Day Sale!!! Here is a coupon for $5 off a $25 purchase or more....has a few read the fine print!!

Clearance is an additional 30% off!!!

The Fisher Price Baby Papasan Cradle Swing in one sale for $89.99....$50 off the regular price!!

30% off ALL Outerwear!!

Plus.....Big Savings on Car Seats, Strollers, and Furniture!!!

Remember tomorrow ONLY!!

Walmart Run!!

Had to make a Walmart run we were all out of Peanut Butter...and Boy is that a problem around here!!! LOL LOL I was not really in the mood to I just picked up a few items I had coupons for from my Walmart envelope. Here us what I got:

-2- Jars Skippy Peanut Butter.........$2.08 each minus a $1.00/2 coupon from the 10/5 Red Plum insert. Paid just $1.54 each!!
-1- Box Jiffy Corn Muffin Mix...43 Cents!! ::I have a great recipe to use this for...I will share real soon!!::

-3- Johnson & Johnson Buddies Bars..........97 Cents each...although we already have tons of them, for free why not?? **Used the $3.00/3 coupon from the 9/14 SmartSource insert to make them FREE!!!

-2- Ronzoni Smart Taste Spagetti............$1.50 each box **Used 2 $1.00/1 coupons from the 10/5 Redd Plum insert to pay just $.50 a box!!

-Lehigh Valley 1/2 and 1/2 pint, $1.34 **Used a .35/1 coupon from here to pay just 99 cents for it!!

-2 boxes of 100 Calorie Pack Snacks.........$2.00 each

-2 Rolls of Viva Paper Towels.......$1.00 each **Used (2) .75 off/1 coupons from the 10/12 Smartsource insert to pay just 25 cents per roll!!

-2- Bags of Sunmaid Raisins........$1.33 each bag **Used a $1.00/2 coupon from the 10/5 Red Plum insert to pay just 83 cents per bag! Little Man love to take these to school for snack time!!

Spent just a little over $11.50 00p. All in all a great trip...The trips under $20 are always good...especially for my wallet!! LOL

Reader Tip!!

Thanks to Jenn for emailing this in.....she was just at Bath & Body Works yesterday and she noticed that their Body Wash and Shower Gel's are all on sale for $5 each. That's 1/2 Price!! They seem to be changing the packing....still the same on the inside though...LOL LOL

There are tons of free product w/purchase coupons that they have been emailing to customers email...or click here for more coupon info. Plus, they also gave Jenn more coupons when she checked out as well for future use!! This may just be the perfect time to get a littlwe holiday shopping done....for cheap!!

Thursday, October 30

I Have A Question???

Hubby bought me a nice pair of earrings about 3 weeks ago for our Wedding Anniversary. Since they have been in my ear for 3 weeks now, I figure that they are about due to be clean soon. So here is my question.....what do I use to clean them?? I know back in the day when I wore my wedding ring (I have since then found out I am allergic to gold...that would explain all the redness and bumps on my fingers for years!!) I used to place it in a jewelry solution that the jeweler had given us with the purchase. Do they still sell the tubs with solution in it...or is there a better way to clean nice jewelry??

Thanks for any help!!

Have You Started Yet???

Holiday shopping that is?? I must admit...I have started a little..but have a long way to go!! I have been slowing starting to pick up bargains I have been seeing here and then in a couple stores. I usually get most of my shopping done on Black Friday...Yes, hubby and I are those crazies out shopping at 4pm that day after Turkey Day!! Hey...if there are deals...I am there!!

I did pick up Little Man's big gift from "Santa" fear that if I waited too long it may not be on any store shelf. No great deal on it...just lucky I got it. Shipped for free, if that counts?? LOL I also already have 2 DVD's for him as well....Thanks to the Borders $5 off coupon a few months back!!

Thanks to Bath & Body Works and the great coupons they have been offering I also got a little something for each of Little Man's teachers as well. I just need to get them each a gift card to go with the little something I picked up for next to nothing!!

Little Miss has been started as well....picked her up the Little Mommy twin babies set back in July at Target on Clearance for 75% off!! Still have alot to get for her yet!!

For hubby's side of the family we are not doing adult presents this year. Although I do plan to get something for each of the aunts...something small from the kiddies...I'll see what I come across in the next month or so!!

I finished my niece the other day online at American Girl...using a coupon code, which is rare for American Girl!! 1st I have ever seen in the years I have been buying for her at American Girl!! So I jumped on it!! LOL

My sister's kiddies are a bit Florida, so I will buy them something online with free shipping, I hope!! Usually Amazon pulls thru every year for me on that!!!

I do not plan to spend as much this year as last. Just trying to save as much as possible for those possible rainy days ahead, if you will. Hubby and I will do like last something for the house as our gift for each other. Last year was a TV...this year, well have to see. Otherwise we buy for one another....and then make a ton of returns that day or 2 after Christmas for the right sizes, colors, etc. Waste of time I last year we did it this way...and it was wonderful!!! I am just not to into returning!!! Yuck!!

So what is your plan for the holidays this year? Are you cutting back on big time holiday gift spending this year? Has your list to buy for gotten a bit smaller than in past years? Do you have any great holiday gift ideas? Let us know!!

Just in Time For Halloween......

Unfortunately, you will not receive it by no means that does not mean you cannot sneak a few yummy pieces of candy!! I promise I will not tell your dentist...Just remember to floss!! LOL LOL
Sign up here for a free Reach Dental Flosser sample pack with coupon. Our dentist gave us a few of these on our last check-up appointment and we love them!!

Wednesday, October 29

It's Been A Year!!!

It was my sister who suggested....well, actually begged me to start a blog a year ago. She thought it would be cool for us to blog together about this and that relating to our daily lives with the kiddies, deals we find from day to day...and anything we feel like chatting about. I have always been a "Deal Seeker" as you will. Thanks to no other than my Mom!! She always was very frugal whenever she could be....and showed us from a young age how to shop smart!!

I really do owe all I know to My Mom....Thanks Mom!! For everything you have taught me over the years!!! Just in case I have not told you already!! I can so precisely remember back in high school when I got my second job as a waitress. I was paid in tips plus an hourly rate of $2.15 an hour in the form of a check. I would get a paycheck bi-weekly. My mom thought it would be a marvelous idea to take my paychecks and half of my tips each time I worked and place them in a savings account in my name for safe keeping for the future.

I remember telling my co-workers, friends, etc. all about how I thought my Mom was so mean for making me do this over the years. I must admit now looking back I was making a good amount of money waitressing.....way more than than the $5.15 minimum wage my other friends were making at their high school jobs. And it took me until I moved out on my own many years later, to understand what my mom was really trying to teach me...Just how important and disciplined you have to be to save money!!!

After having kiddies I began to realize even more just how expensive living and raising a family can be in today's society. But, by saving, shopping smart, and using coupons.....We are doing it on just one income!!! It is possible to live a great life if you are willing to put a little work into it!! For's just like a game....I love to see just how much I can save off of the regular price!! It's like a thrill...a rush!!! It's just an awesome feeling!!!

By starting and sticking with this blog over the past year...I have learned so very much!! I have learned that there are many others in the same shoes as we are. I just love to pass on deals and tips that I find in hopes that maybe someone can also usethat item at a great price too!! I also love to tell all about fun times our family has throughout the year as well. It's family that is the most important!! And remember it does not have to cost a lot to have a great family fun day together!!!

So here is a thanks to you for coming by over the past year, few months, or weeks....It's great to have you here!! And I appreciate your comments, thoughts, and tips you have left or will leave for me in the future!! I love to hear from readers...another thrill for me...LOL LOL

And here is to my sister.....Thanks to her for the push to get this blog rolling a year ago!! I miss not seeing you post daily like in the beginning...but I know you are reading and I love you!!

The Pirate, Optimus Prime, Burgler & Hippee....

Here we are this past weekend at a Halloween Party!!!

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My Reusable Bags....

A few months ago Shop Rite had a in-store circular coupon for Reusable Shopping Bags. The coupon price was 4 bags for $1.98, instead of the regular price of 99 Cents each. So that week I used the coupon and purchased my 4 bright red reusable least they have a few flowers on the font to make them a bit less vibrant.....LOL LOL

By purchasing the reusable bags I would now get 5 cents back for every reusable bag I use to bag my groceries in each week....less eliminating the need for plastic bags. I was a bit hesitant to purchase the bags for a long we use the plastic bags from the grocery stores, CVS, Walmart, etc. for number of things around the house...bathroom trash can liners, for hubby's lunch each day, to carry things to different places, etc. But at 50 cents a bag...How could I pass up the deal?? Plus, I would be helping the environment out too!!

Man, am I so glad that I bought them!!! I love them!! I just cannot believe the amount of groceries you can fit in each bag...not to mention just how strong they are!! The quality is just superb!! No more broken handles while carrying 2 gallons of milk from the car to the front door!! Yeah!!

I have had the bags now for about 2 months or so. Each week I earn 5 cents for each bag times 8 weeks I had I have almost fully paid off my purchase (2 weeks to go!!). Plus now I have reusable bags for trips to Aldi's when I get a chance to go!!

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Tuesday, October 28

Free Activia 4-Pack!!!

Anyone like Dannon Activia yogurt?? I have 2 coupons for Activia up for coupon for a FREE 4-pack (Up to $3.39) and also a coupon for $1.00 off a 4-pack. Both coupons expire 12-31-08.

Would you like them?? Leave a comment on this post...make sure to leave your email address so I can contact you!! I will pick a winner Saturday morning, November 1st.
Good Luck!!

Getting Ready For Winter.....

As sad as I am to see the summer's already time to start thinking about next summer already. So today's tackle is all about getting the yard ready for the blooms and sprouting that will begin next spring. I absolutely love my ornamental grasses in my backyard...and the beautiful changing colors I get to look out to each and every day all spring, summer and fall!!!

This time of year is a great time to cut down the falling grasses in order for the fastest growth next spring. So here are a few of the grasses I cut......




As sad as I am to see the beautiful colors of my grass go...I look so very forward to the sprouting I will see in early spring...just a few months away!!!

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Playskool Deal!!!

If you have a little one in do not want to miss out on the deal this week on Playskool Baby Products!!! I have used Playskool in the past and they are just like a premium name brand leaks, great stretchy tabs and a great deal on sale!!

The deal CVS is running this week on Playskool Baby Products in spend $20 on Playskool diapers, wipes(160 count), or on baby accessories.....(cups, spoons, plates, pacifiers, toys, etc.) and you get back $5 in ExtraBucks!!! (Limit 1 offer)

The great news in that there was a $2.00 off coupon for any Playskool product in this past Sunday's coupon inserts. So if you can get your hands on a few of these coupons you can really make out cheap!!!

Here is how I did the Playskool deal this week:

I purchased:
3 packs of wipes $3.99 x 3= 11.97
1 Pack of Diapers $10.99
= $22.96

I used the following coupons:

-1- $2.00 off coupon mentioned above

-2- $2.00/1 Playskool Baby Wipes **These had printed at the bottom of my last 2 CVS receipts.

-1- $1.00/1 Playskool Wipes **This coupon was from inside a previous pack of Playskool wipes I had purchased.

I also used $10.00 in ExtraBucks earned last week from the Huggies deal I did. So I paid just $ $5.96 OOP and earned $5.00 back in ExtraBucks!!! An awesome deal in my book!!!

Note: If you look closely at the fine print at the bottom of the Playskool coupons...They read "Limit 1 coupon per customer" Cannot be combined with any other CVS coupon. When I checked out the $1.00 off wipes coupon scanned and only took of 1 cent instead of $1.00. The manager came over voided out one pack of wipes then re-rang the one pack of wipes in a seperate transaction....then scanned the $1.00 off coupon. Then $1.00 came off. So be careful and check your receipts....Or do two transactions, maybe?? The manager was very nice about it...and apologized for the inconvenience.

Free Colgate!!

Need toothpaste?? How about a free tube of Colgate?? This week thru Saturday November 1st, ShopRite has Colgate Toothpaste (4.6 oz. tube) on sale for 99 cents. Use the .75/1 coupon (Doubles to $1.00) from this past Sunday's SmartSource coupon insert to get the tube FREE!!!

Choose from Tarter Control, Regular, White Mint, or Baking Soda.

Monday, October 27

Upped to $100!!!

Little Miss is a little older now....but I do remember when she was a bit smaller just how many baby related items I would purchase each and every week. I would be sure to shop sales, and use coupons....and almost every week ShopRite would have a different baby item we needed on sale!! Plus, as an added bonus ShopRite has a Baby Bucks Program. The program works like this...for every $75 you spend on baby products, you then earn a certificate for $10 off your next shopping order of $50 or more!! I know I use to get so excited when I would earn one!!

When at ShopRite the other day the cashier let me know that my Baby Bucks are expiring this week, on November 1st to be exact. So when I received my receipt, I glanced at the bottom of it to see how many Baby Bucks I had earned since August. Just $19.xx....not even close!! But I did notice that starting the next cycle on November 2nd that now you must spend $100 on baby products to earn a $10 off certificate!!! They upped it an additonal $25! Bummer!!

Just a heads up in case your a ShopRite Shopper!!

Freebies, Printables, and More!!

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Moisture Locking Lotion- Free sample courtesy of Costco Wholesale Club. (You do not need to be a member to receive!)

Beyond BodiHeat- Fast acting pain Relief heating pad sample.

Sign Up here to join Carter's Celebration one of the first to know about upcoming sales and promotions.

Free Sticker Sheet- Ferrari sticker set courtesy of Shell.

Bagel Bites printable $1.00/2 coupon here.

SweetStacks- Gourmet pancakes sample. Mmm!!

Well yesterday I was surprised to see a new Bed Bath & Beyond 20% coupon in my mailbox. Now that Linens N Things has gone under...their biggest competitor I figured the regular coupon mailers would be long gone too!! I guess I was wrong....happily wrong I must admit! LOL LOL

I did notice though that the wording on at the bottom of the coupon is much different now than in the past. It now clearly states: Limit one coupon per customer per visit. Also states coupon in valid ONLY until date printed on coupon!! There are also many, many exclusions....3 lines of them to be exact! Way more than in the past!!

As you will remember the coupons used to be excepted long after the expiration dates....I was always told be employees that they will take them...regardless of the expiration date printed on the coupon. It was a wonderful thing!! I also shopped many times at both stores and used more than one coupon per transaction. Say if I bought 2 items on a specific day...I would use 2 coupons. No questions asked.

I will have to see just how strict bed Bath & Beyond has become since LNT is no longer around. I suppose I should be happy that at least the coupons are still being sent out to's just so sad when things change!!

Have you recenlty been to Bed Bath & Beyond? Did you try to use an expired coupon? How strict are they becoming?

Sunday, October 26

Still Need Candy??

Halloween is fast approaching.....just a few days left until the kiddies are at your door looking for a little candy to fill up there bag or bucket with. If you have yet to stock up on the treats for the trick or treats and are looking for a sale on some are in luck!!! Here are a few great candy deals to make your candy shopping a bit easier....

Target- Skittles, Reese's, Snickers, Butterfinger, and selected others just 2 bags for $4. (10.5-13.3 oz. bags)

Fun Sized Snacks....On Sale 2 for $5......Choose from 9 oz. Teddy Grahams, 9oz. Mini Oreos and select others.

They also have have ALL Halloween costumes, make-up, and accessories on Clearance for 30% off!!!

CVS- Sunday and Monday ONLY!!! ALL Hershey's, Mars, and Nestle' candy is 2 bags for $3!!!! (Fun size 9.5-13.3 oz. or Twizzlers 22oz.)

Kmart- Nestle, Hershey's or Mars Fun or Snack Sized Candy....3 bags for $5 (10-12.5 oz.)

They also have ALL Halloween costumes marked down 50% off!!

Walgreen's- Buy 1 at $5.99 Get 1 Bag FREE!!! All Fin Sized, Snack Sized, or Minis Candy!!

**Remember there were candy coupons in the 9-28 Sunday inserts for Hershey's and Mars candy bags. Be sure to use those to save even more!!!**

Know of any other great candy deals this week?? Please leave a comment and let me know if I missed any!!

Saturday, October 25

Trick Or Treat Parade.....

Toys R Us wants to make sure the kiddies have a safe yet fun Halloween this year!! So participating stores will be hosting Geoffrey's Trick R Treat Parade (For ages 3 and up) on Halloween day next Friday October 31st.

Stop by to join in on the fun from 1pm-5pm. A new parade will start every hour...with the last one starting at 4pm. Make sure to dress the kiddies in costume to participate in on the fun.....each participant will receive an Eco-friendly Halloween Bag, FREE treats, safety tips, and more!!

Friday, October 24

All This For $3.21!!!

Received an email yesterday from Bath & Body Works which included a coupon for a FREE Wallflower or Scentport Diffuser Set with any purchase. The nice thing about the coupon was that it did not state a "Must spend amount" to get the free item, like most coupons. So I made a quick run in and look what I picked up......

- An Anti-Bacterial Hand Soap (8.75 oz.)....On Sale for $3.00 (regularly $5.00)
-A 2 oz. Body Lotion (Regularly $3.50)...** Had a coupon for this item free from a home mailer. Associate let me use it with the other coupon since for this offer, no purchase was required!!
-A ScentPort Fragrance Diffuser Set (Regularly $12.50)

After using the two coupons....I paid $3.21 for the 3 items!! These will be perfect to add to the Christmas stash I have mounting....LOL LOL

The associate also placed a booklet in my bag with 3 more coupon to use in the next two included a $10 off $30 purchase, A Free item of choice with any $10 purchase, and $15 off a $50 purchase!

No coupon in your inbox? Click here.

25% Off Clearance Prices!!!

I was driving past TJ Maxx late yesterday while running an errand at a nearby store and I saw big signs in the window of TJ Maxx.....Take an additional 25% off Clearance Prices....thru tomorrow!!! So of course, we parked up and ran in to see what we could find.

They had racks, upon racks , upon racks of every department! Men's, Women's, children's, infants, home, shoes, etc. The whole store was plum full of clearance!! And not just summer stuff either...lots of fall and winter clothing and items as well!! We browsed for about 45 minutes and walked out with this:

-A pair of black dress pants for me on Clearance for $5.00.....Paid just $4.00
-A cute Little outfit for Little Miss...on Clearance for $8.00...Paid just $6.00
-A Hurley T-shirt for Little Man on Clearance for $4.00...Paid just $3.00

I also racked up on various baby sets and outfits(under 12 months) on clearance as well. Brands like Calvin Klein, Timberland, Polo, Nike, and more! Sorry, no pic of these are hospital gifts for a few Mommy-to-be friends of mine due real soon!! I always like to go and meet the new baby with a little something in-hand to welcome them with!! I remember how thoughtful it was of others when I was in their shoes!!

P.S. They also had lots of Phillies Gear too!! Sweatshirts, T-shirt's, socks....Go Phillies!!!

So if you are nearby a TJ Maxx today or tomorrow you may want to stop in and see what you can find!!

My CVS Run...

I have not been CVS-ing much lately as there have just not been any good deals that I needed...but this week...not the case!! So here is my CVS run for this week!!!

I Bought the following:
-2- Packs of Huggies Diapers $9.99 each
-1- Pack of 80 Playskool Wipes $2.50
-1- Pack of 80 Huggies Wipes $2.50

I used the following coupons:
1.00/1 Playskool Wipes coupon (From a previous pack of Playskool diapers I bought)
.50/1 Huggies wipes coupon from a Huggies Home Mailer
(2) $1.50/1 Huggies Diaper coupons from a Huggies Home Mailer

I also used a $4/20 purchase coupon from my Recycle Bank rewards program

Plus I had $7.00 in ExtraBucks I used that were about to expire.

So I paid just $10.05 OOP.....and I earned $10.00 back in ExtraBucks back for the Huggies/Playskool deal!!!

An awesome deal for diapers and wipes!!

Thursday, October 23

The Sippy Cup....

It never fails we leave the house with a Sippy Cup or two in hand for Little Miss......while we are away from home.....and we get back home later on, and guess what we are then Sippy cup-less. It happens all the time....and I am sure if you have little ones, you can relate!! And the worst is when you just bought a 2 pack of brand new sippy cups for around $7 (some even way higher priced) and you lose one on the first use.

Well, after losing a few sippy cups in our days....I have now decided to change our ways a bit. Little Man is all about juice boxes...but Little Miss is still a bit to small to handle the whole juice box thing yet. So no sippy cups on-th-go are not an option for her. While at Target the other day I discovered these Munchkin BPA free 9 oz. sippy cups for just 99 Cents each!! A great bargain if you have bought sippy cups in the past!!

But how is the quality?? We have been using them now for a few days and they seem to be working out perfectly!! They are a very hard plastic, the valve stays in place perfectly (no leaks), and they hold the perfect amount of juice, water or milk. They also had several different colors choices as well.

If you are tried of losing sippy cups...maybe you might want to give these a try. This way for just 99 cents if you lose it....not a big deal!! And watch.....since it was just under a dollar this sippy cup will be the one you never lose!! Isn't that just how it works??

Crustless Bread....

Thrifty Jinxy

A few weeks ago as part of a Bzz Agent campaign I was sent a coupon to try out a 4-pack of Smuckers Uncrustables. Both of my kiddies are HUGE fans of Peanut Butter & Jelly I was excited when I was invited to try a 4-pack of them out for free.

Little Man is not a fan of crust on bread at all. Little Miss is still not old enough to know about the "no crust" phase yet...LOL LOL So for three days in a row...guess what Little Man ate for Uncrustable!! The first one he sat down to eat...his eye lit up and he smiled....."No crust" he said?? "Wow these are cool"!!! Well needless to say the 4-pack was gone in 3 days...Little Miss did manage to get one...and she loved it too!!

So the following week while out shopping I took a glance at the freezer section to see just how much Uncrustables cost. At ShopRite they sell a 4-pack for $2.89. Walmart only sells 10-pack for just a hair under $5.00. These prices are for the PB&J Uncrustables, the Grilled Cheese one are a bit more expensive!! As part of the campaign I also received a few .75/1 coupons to use for future purchases. At ShopRite that would double to $1.00 off....but $1.89 for 4 PB&J sandwiches is still a bit steep in my book!!

So I about we make our own!!! I picked up a few cookies cutter shapes...plastic so Little Man could get in on the fun too!! Here are a few of them:

We just take 2 pieces of bread smear on the Peanut Butter & Jelly , then smack the two slices together and use the cookies cutters to cut out fun shapes. Of course, we avoid the crust at all costs!! LOL LOL

Only 2 made it to the picture....Little Miss grabbed the other 2 when I went to get the camera!!

Just a fun, kid-friendly, lunch we can make together...and cheaply too!!

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