Thursday, October 22

Catalina's at Target!!!

They just recently re-did all our local Target stores to include grocery sections. Just about 2 weeks ago our closest location had a Grocery Grand Opening. I received a huge coupon booklet in the mail so just the other day made by trip to check it all out!!

WOW!! I was amazed at the transformation. I mean I have always liked Target, but now I think I love it!! The prices are great, it's clean, organized, well stocked.....Oh how I could go on and on!! So I grab my cart full of great deals and head over to checkout. I pay and the associate hands me my receipt along with a catalina coupon. Woo Hoo!! Gotta love those catalinas!! Especially when they are for $5 off a $50 purchase in the grocery section. Match that with manufactures coupons, and there are plenty of deal to be had!! It had a 3 week expiration date on it. The catalina machines are new along with the grocery section I was told.

Perhaps they are trying to compete with grocery stores? Just wanted to pass along in case you have not visited Target in quite some time.

Just curious, does your local Target have a catalina coupon machine?

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