Monday, April 12

The Time Has Come....

Well, my friends I am posting to let you all know that the time has come for me to stop posting here on The Thrifty Mommy. My sister and I started this blog almost 3 years ago, yes she begged me to start the blog, then decided it was not her thing. I stuck with it though, at the time Little Man was just a toddler, and Little Miss was just a few months old. It was an outlet for me, to share something I absolutely love to do..... finding sales, deals, and couponing, with all of you to help you too save a bit of cash along the way!! What can I say, saving money and finding a deal gives me a rush of happiness!!!

Over the years the kiddies have gotten a bit older, started to participate in various activities, began napping less ans less, or in little Man's case not napping at all, (Which I must admit I love the one on one time together with him)! Plus, I have been focusing on exercising daily, and the time for blogging has gotten to be less and less.

I have had a great time sharing deals with all of you, it has been so much fun!! I know that this in the end for now....but who knows what the future holds. Perhaps next fall when the kiddies are in school I may be back? We shall see!!

Thanks so much to all the loyal readers for the support, nice comments, and emails along the way!! They meant so very much to me!! Here's hoping you all have a wonderful summer!!


Megan Gahagan said...

Oh! I'm so sorry to see you go. You have no idea what a help your blog has been to me... but I understand how hectic life can get (especially with kiddos).

All the best. Thank you for all the time you've put into this site!

Jen said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I've enjoyed your blog. Best of luck in whatever you do.

Niki Jolene said...

You'll be missed! I really enjoyed following your blog the past few years because your deals were ones I could get in on (I'm in the same area as you).

Best wishes for the future.


coupongeek said...

I am sooo sad to see you go because I have been following you for a long, long time but I completely understand. Blogging does take up so much time. And family (and self) should always come first. I applaud your decision to focus on the important things.

I wish you all the best of luck! Just don't delete your blog. Someday when life slows down, you might want to come back for another round. :)

Best Wishes---and thanks for the awesome deals. I knew I could always come to you for unique things.


SkyLaur said...

AH!! I knew this day was coming, but I am still sad :(.

However, I know you will find another outlet for your amazing deal hunting skills...maybe writing "how to be frugal" articles on eHow or a similar site?? I know they pay per post. might be something to look into.

You were on my daily blog-checking list, you shall be missed!!

Shiloh and Bob Willey said...

You are so smart to spend time with your family...and don't feel guilty!!!

Mamacita La Cuponera said...

You will be missed.....but totally understand. Best wishes for you and your family!