Wednesday, November 26

Shopping Before the Sun Rises.....

The day after Thanksgiving (a.k.a Black Friday) I enjoy getting up super early, usually up at 3:30 AM or so and head off to do a little bargain hunting with hubby. Yes, that's right, I have corrupted hubby...took a few years, but now he is totally hooked!! He is my partner in deal hunting every year now the day after Thanksgiving!! LOL LOL

We usually get up, get dressed, and then head off to Dunkin Donuts for a nice hot cup of Joe....piping hot coffee is just perfect sitting in our hands while standing in line to get into the first store on our list for that morning!! Standing in line is the hysterical part of the day....we get to hear everyone talking about what they will pick up first, how they will spilt up from one another if it gets to crowded, some even crack jokes on how silly we all must look standing in line at 4 am for a deal!!

Once the doors open it is like a rush, a thrill......really to see just what is left on the shelf, or display that we had planned on getting!! Sometimes items we had hoped to purchase are there, other times not!! That's how it goes, no biggie! We get what we can then off to the next store we go!! We have our list and fliers in hand......reminding each other what we need to pick up at place #2.

We usually hit up about 3-4 stores on Black Friday all before 8:30 am or so. The past few years we have been back home, or wherever we stayed on Thanksgiving night by 9 am. The kiddies are usually just sitting down to breakfast, so we join them and the family members who babysat for us while we were out.

Then at about 1pm, when the kiddies take their daily afternoon naps...hubby and I for the one day out of the year...are right there beside them...soon to be out like a light as well!!

By the time Black Friday is over, hubby and I can usually say that 90% of our holiday shopping is done....with the exception of a few items and gift cards we still have to pick up!! It's a morning for the two of us to look forward to every year..and to just see what great bargains we can manage to pick up!!

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