Sunday, July 19

Huggies Deals For the Week....

Need to replenish the stockpile of diapers and wipes? If you are a Huggies are the best deals I could find for the week!!

Rite Aid

Huggies Wipes Tubs (64-72 count tub) $2.00
Use the $.75/1 from 6/21 Smartsource
Pay just $1.25 a tub

Huggies Jumbo Packs $8.99 w/price plus card
Use the $1.50/1 from 6/21 Smartsource
Pay just $7.49 a pack

Prices are in effect through next Saturday 7/25/09 at both stores.


SkyLaur said...

Is this deal good on Pull Ups too? Every pack I buy, I hope will be the LAST one - Hah!

Maybe they're a waste of money? La nina only uses them at night, I probably should just use diapers since they're cheaper.

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Laur.

Never used a pull-up before...for us diapers work. Who wouldn't want to pee in a pull-up and then get to see the princess's stars appear only after doing so?

They are a bit more expensive, and for the several kiddies I have been potty training through, they just always seem to prolong the process.

When I was potty training Little Man he was not a fan of wearing diapers (disliked wearing one at night)...he was a big boy. It took no time at all to fully potty train him before the age of 2 1/2.

Now,I know every little one is different....I can tell you that 1st Little Miss is approaching that 2 1/2 year mark and I do not see potty training to be finished in the next month.

I'll wait until she is ready...and then we'll do it. I know it's a big thing for some parents to hurry and get the potty training done because they have had enough with diapers....but to me I can wait. As before long she'll be all grown up and then at what age she was potty trained will really be no big deal at all.

It's really whatever works for you and your little one in the situtaion you are in!! Just my 2 cents!!

Good Luck with it!!