Wednesday, July 29

Take An Additional 50% Off Clearance Prices!!!

Well I made a quick run into Old Navy since I had heard that they were taking off an 50% off already reduced prices!! I checked out 2 stores and came home with the following 10 items for just $28.03!!!! Below is a picture of what I got....

They had a huge baby clearance section in both stores...women's & girls departments had a good size amount of clearance as well. Men's and boys had very slim pickings.

The associate at one of our local Old Navy stores said that the additional 50% off ends if you get a chance pop into Old Navy to see if you can find any good clearance it today!!!

Also, remember to print off a coupon from Old Navy Weekly for additional savings!!

Let me know how you make out if you go!! Good luck in the hunt!!

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SkyLaur said...

Ahhh!!! I don't read your blog ONE DAY... this was the sale I was waiting for and now I've missed it!