Saturday, October 3

Bakugan Cards at Dollar Tree....

Little Man and I ran into Dollar Tree last night for some balloons and as we were heading to pay for them at the checkout out of the corner of his eye he spotted Bakugan. I am sure if you have a 5 year old you know just how popular these are with the kiddies!!

So we take a walk over to the small display and low and behold they has Bakugan Bouncy Balls (set of 2) and packs of Bakugan 5 piece Booster Card Pack sets. On Amazon these 5-pack card sets sell for $3.89!! And here is the best part of the story....They were each just $1 a piece!! Gotta love Dollar Tree!!

Just wanted to pass along, just in case you too have or know of a Bakugan fan!! Perhaps a good stocking stuffer? Or a just because I Love You gift? Either way I am sure your Bakugan fan will be thrilled to receive them...I know mine was!!

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