Monday, March 8

Clearance Alert: Walgreens Diapers...

I received an email from a reader yseterday that Walgreens is coming out with new packaging for their store brand baby diapers. You know what that means...they are clearance pricing all the diapers with the old white packaging to make room for the new ones!! Marking them down to just $2.19 a pack!!! What a deal!!

I am sure they will go fast, if you store has any left!! But if you have a little one in diapers or one on the way you may want to check it out!!

I still remember when I cleaned up when Eckerd went out of business.....I walked out of the one store near us with 25 packs of diapers for my sister and I to split!! We had each just had was like hitting the Mommy Jackpot!! Ahh....the things that excite me!!

Good Luck!! Let me know if you have success!!

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