Thursday, June 4

Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies (Review)

It's amazing how much you remember from your childhood...especially when it's something fun and exciting!! You know how it is it growing up, you have favorites....favorite movies, favorite games, a favorite doll...and the list continues. So when asked to review the new movie Care Bears Tell-Tale Tummies...I was thrilled. I loved the Care Bears growing fact I had more than one of them.....all the way from stickers to plush characters!!

As you know I am the mommy of 2 little ones, both a girl and boy. I figured Little Man would have no interest in this Care Bear movie so just briefly announced that Little Miss and I were going to watch a Care Bears movie. He came over to check it out....and he even sat next to us for the 88 minute movie and enjoyed it!

Tell-Tale Tummies is jam packed with 8 never seen before episodes from the all-new Saturday morning CBS TV series. The episodes include:
1. The Tell-Tale Tummy
2. Oopsy, The Hero
3. Bumbleberry Jammed
4. Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks
5. King of the Gobblebugs
6. Bad News
7. Tour De Farce
8. No-Snow Day

It also features direct-play (meaning your little one can start the DVD without a parents help) plus, it has a way cool 3-D packaging that is sure to grab your attention from the start!! The movie is filled with many friendship-filled adventures touching on integrity, honesty, and telling the truth. All important lessons we all need to know...but expressed in a fun, kid-friendly way!!

So do you know of a Care Bears fan who would so love this movie? Care Bears: Tell-Tale Tummies will be released on June 9th, 2009 for the retail price of $14.98. You can pre-order now on Amazon for $10.99 or Walmart for $10.86.

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