Friday, June 5

FREE Chocolate!!

I knew that would get your attention!! Mars is running a FREE Chocolate Relief Act every Friday through September. Head on over to The Coupon Geek to see how you can snag some...hurry though they will go fast!!


Michelle said...

I have a reminder to do this every Friday. I've been doing it about 3 weeks now. You can just do it again every week. The coupons however take about 6 weeks to arrive.

I'm looking for an inexpensive Microwave for my new apartment, let me know if you happen across anything? Thanks : )

Michelle said...

I just got a call from home and it turns out I already got a chocolate coupon in the mail!! It took half the time the website said it would!

Miss Mommy said...

Ohh...exciting thank for the update Michelle!!

I'll keep my out out for a microwave deal for you!!