Wednesday, July 8

2 Get the Fruit In.....

It's a typical day at our house....the kiddies are outside playing, and they start to feel their tummy grumble. They ask for a snack. I offer, you know, the healthy stuff....strawberries, a banana, apple slices, an applesauce cup....and the list goes on naming every healthy option we currently have on hand. I get no takers on anything we have. So I begin to think.......time for a little creativity!!

Ah ha, I got it what about a smoothie? You know with the good, healthy stuff in it? Of, course I do not broadcast that to them...that part I keep to myself!! So I grab some frozen yogurt out of the freezer, 2 bananas, some blueberries, the gallon of milk and strawberries. I wash and rinse the fruit and slice them up, not the blueberries, of course there little already!!

I toss in 2 scoops of vanilla frozen yogurt, a few slices of banana, few strawberries pieces, couple blueberries, and a dash of milk all in my magic bullet. turn it on and WOW what a delicious healthy treat for the kiddies and hubby, and I to enjoy!! Yes, we love them just as much as Little Man and Little Miss!!

Little Man really got into helping make the smoothies too...partially why I think he enjoyed them so much!! We also make these for breakfast, but use yogurt in place of the frozen yogurt. I also mix up the fruit along with the flavors of frozen yogurt and regular yogurt too...just to mix things up a bit!!

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Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

Great idea! Man, I have always wanted one of those Magic Bullets. Is it as awesome as it appears on those late night infomercials?