Friday, September 25

Big Savings Coupon....Valid @ Borders Books!

Here is the newest Borders Coupon....this time it is a BIG Ticket to Savings coupon. Many discounts to be had, all with the use of this one coupon!! The savings details are below:

-$5 off the list price of 1 Hardcover Fiction Book
-$5 off a DVD or Blu-ray Disc over
-$10 Or 1 CD over $10
-$5 off the list price of 1 History or Politics book, 1 Cookbook, 1 Craft book, or 1 Business/Finance book
-$3 off one Borders book club title
-$2 off the list price of 1 Romance Book, 1 kids' book, 1 Stuffed Animal, Or 1 magazine
-$1 off one large Mocha or Latte at our Seattle's Best Coffee Cafe

Remember, you must present your Rewards Card with this printable savings coupon. Do not have a Rewards Card yet? It's free to have, simply pick one up in-store.

Coupon is valid in-store only through this Monday 9/28/09.

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