Monday, September 7

Have a Pack of Ramen in The Cupboard???

If so then your in luck!! Pei Wei has a great deal for you then....or should I say a great exchange. This Wednesday September 9th bring in any pack of store bought Ramen Noodles to your local Pei Wei location and you will receive 50% off an order of Japanese Chile Beef Ramen! Wow!! What a great deal!!

Wondering what Pei Wei plans to do with all the packets of Ramen they collect? Donate it to local food banks, of course....Along with a matching contribution of $1 per package of Ramen they collect as well!!

It's great to know that if you participate in this great promotion by Pei Wei that you are not only pleasing your tummy, but also someone elses as well!!

Enjoy your Ramen folks!!

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