Thursday, February 4

Remember The Little Golden Books?

Do you have a little one or know of a little one that will love to hear some of the many great stories from the Little Golden Books that you used to hear as a tike? Well, today only Barnes & Noble has the Big Collection of Little Golden Books as it's Deal of the Day. That's 291 pages of story time classics!! Regularly priced at $14.95 the price today is just $7.47!!

Usually the deal of the day is offered at a discounted price to members only, but for a limited time they are offering members prices for everyone.

Remember to use the Pick Me Up option, where you can order your book online then pick-up at your local B&N store to avoid shipping fees. Or if you'd rather have it shipped to adds about $3.99.


sarah said...

I was wondering if you ordered this? I did, and tried the Pick Me Up option. The email I received stated that the book was there for pick up and that it was $14.95. I did not know if there was some secrete to ordering? Thanks

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Sarah.

No I did not personally order this book myself perhaps call your local B&N before heading over to verifty the discounted price. The pick-up option is on this books item I am confused as to why it is not working?

So sorry...if I find out anything else I'll post it for you!