Monday, June 1

CVS Run....Plus A Heads Up!!

So I ran into CVS early yesterday morning to get in on the Huggies diapers sale before the shelves were bare. Seems to be how it is any more at my local CVS recently in reguards to weekly sale items.

I purchased: 2 Jumbo Packs of Huggies diapers $8.99 each
Used: (2) $3.00/1 pack Huggies diaper coupons from a home mailer
Used: $7.98 in Extra Bucks
Paid : Just $4.00 OOP

As I was picking up the 2 packs of diapers from the store shelf I happened to glance down at the packages and noticed that some packs had 34 diapers and some had only 31 diapers!! Yikes!! And yes, they were all size 4's and all regular Huggies. That means packages are shrinking!! Just a heads up...your store may still have some of the older packs with a few more diapers in keep a look out!!


SkyLaur said...

How did you get a $3 off 1 coupon? Huggies mailed me a bunch of $3 off coupons for their "Pure & Natural" diapers, but even with a coupon they are still too expensive. Walmart had them for $8.97 a jumbo....but a jumbo of size 3 only had 26 diapers...they should be called tiny packs

Miss Mommy said...

The only explanation I have is LUCK. Just a few weeks ago I got a packet of coupons from Huggies and they were all $3.00/2 packs. So who knows just how to get the $3.00/1 ones. I think this is only about the 2nd time I've ever gotten such high value ones!!

Here's hoping some show up in your mailbox real soon :-)