Thursday, September 3

Have a Leapster On The "To Buy List"??

The holidays will be here before you know it....if you are like me and already trying to knock out a little bit of shopping here and there you may like these coupons below.

Looking for a gift for a little one between the ages of 4-8...well you might consider the Leapster 2. So what is so great about the Leapster 2? Well, it a portable hand held gaming system. The coolest thing about it is that it can be connected to your home computer and new games, activities, and fun rewards can be added and updated at any time!!

Little Man has the older version, and we kept it in the car at all worked out well for us, he got to play while I was shopping or running errands. By only playing it on the go it never got boring for him and it made errands and such that much more exciting! Why not make it fun for them too, right?

Currently has 2 great coupons reguarding Leapster 2....

Save 10.00 Off Leapster 2 Learning here for printable coupon.

Save $5.00 off any one Leapster Learning here for printable coupon.

If you are considering a Leapster 2 purchase I would advise that you print these coupons now...even if you hold onto them and wait a bit for a go fast on usually!!

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