Saturday, December 19

Old Navy Gift Card Deal....

Now through 12/24/2009 Old Navy is offering a deal on gift cards...Save 20% off all gift card purchases up to $300. Offer is valid in-store only, and valid in the US and Canada. Sorry they will not give adjustments on previous purchases.

This may even be a good deal for you yourself if you shop at Old Navy often. Remember whn you go to redeem a gift card you can always use a coupon along with it for even greater savings!!


SkyLaur said...

Amazing deal Seeker - do you predict another Old Navy Coupon before Christmas? I have a gift to buy there but wasn't able to use the 30% off coupon yesterday because of all the snow.

Also, what if I bought a giftcard, then went back in the store and used it to buy there any restrictions on when you can use it??

Miss Mommy said...


There is a 40% off one item coupon that was in yesterdays Sunday paper. It was in the Old Navy insert.

As far as the gift card...there should be no restrictions!

SkyLaur said...

Thanks so much you are the best!!!! I don't get a paper, but I snagged a coupon from my inlaws :))

I couldn't bring myself to do the gift card thing, but everything was so amazingly cheap, it almost didn't matter - I got 6 things for $36. All their workout tops were $5 each, pants were $10.....sweeet