Tuesday, December 29

Bring Your Own Bag and Save at CVS!!!

I popped into CVS this morning....for the 1st time in about 6 weeks or so (Slacking, I know) and as I was checking out the nice associate recognized me and asked if I had a new Green Bag Tag card yet? I replied "No, I do not" and she handed me one, while stating that CVS is going green.

This is how it works: You purchase a Green Bag Tag for just $.99 at your local CVS store (It is a leaf shaped scannable card that attaches to any reusable bag of your choice). Then each time you visit CVS bring your reusable bag, the associate will scan your Green Bag Tag card (along with your Extra Care card) then on the 4th time they scan it you will earn a $1 Extra Bucks that will print on the bottom of your receipt!!!

How cool is that!! I was excited about it, anyway!!

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