Thursday, December 24

Happy Holidays To You and Your Family!!!

Well, the BIG day is almost here....the deals have been found, purchased, wrapped, and now it's time to celebrate and spend some time together with family and good friends!! Over the next week postings will be alot lighter than usual and there may even be a day or two with no posts at all!!

Little Man is now on winter break, and hubby has taken a few days off from work so we can do a few fun family things!! I am so excited about it :-)

I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday....and Thanks again for stopping by The Thrifty Mommy time and time again!! I hope you enjoy what you find here and are saving a bit of money along the way as well!!

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sarah said...

Happy Holidays to you and your family. Thanks so much for all your get information, my friends and myself LOVE you page. Thanks so much.
Have a great one.

Sarah from Glendora