Thursday, January 28

Great Deal On Baby Wipes...No Coupon Needed!!!

If you are in need of baby wipes and have a Shop Rite nearby head on over by this Saturday. They have Shop Rite Brand Baby Wipes (Choose from Scented or Unscented) 176-ct. pkg. On Sale for just $.99!!! What a Deal!! You save $3.50 per pack you buy!!

There is a limit of 4 per mix and match scented and unscented to get 8 packs or if you prefer one over the other take hubby with you to get 8 packs in one trip!!

I am a bit sad to report that I will not be taking part in this great Little Miss is now completely potty trained!! Excited that my baby girl is growing up....but in a way sad it's happening Oh so quickly!!

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