Thursday, January 28

Pei Wei Introduces New Carmel Chicken.....

Have you ever tried PEI WEI before? If not, then tomorrow may be a good time to give them a try! Or if you have been before and would love to go back, tomorrow is good for that as well!

Why you ask? Tomorrow, Friday 1/29 PEI WEI is hosting a Lantern Festival. If you stop by from 11am-9pm at any PEI WEI location and purchase an Entree you will receive a voucher for a FREE order of NEW Carmel Chicken. The voucher can be redeemed from 2/1-2/7/2010.

And if you cannot possibly wait until next week to sample the new Carmel Chicken, not to worry they will have free samples of it in their restaurants tomorrow for you to try!!

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