Thursday, May 14

Another Great Deal Site!!

As if I do not already have enough Deal Sites on my favorites list...but this one look pretty cool!! Hey, who I am I kidding I always have room for more!! LOL LOL The more deals the better, right?? Well, this one is called is a site for bargain hunters built by bargain hunters. So they know how to find great deals!!

Here is how DeaLoco works:

Basically, they search the Internet every day seeking out deals from reputable retailers and post the best deals they find on the site. One unique feature of our site is the "Grief Factor" rating we assign each deal. The Grief Factor is a 1 through 5 rating that lets our users know at a glance the difficulty involved in pulling off the deal. For example, a deal that requires a mail-in-rebate will have a high Grief Factor rating.

They have deals on everything from baby/kids items , electronics, cameras, computers, gaming, home/household items, phones...and the list continues!!

Just wanted to pass all this deal info on....if you get a chance head on over to check it out!!

Happy bargain hunting, my friends!!

A special Thanks to Steve for passing all this great info along to us!!

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