Tuesday, May 12

Ask & You May Receive....

So, I had a bit of an inclination that Little Miss was not feeling so hot the past few nights....she was perfectly fine during the daytime hours but when bedtime arrived she was having trouble sleeping through the night. Definitely not like her at all. I assumed it was her 2 year molars or perhaps an ear infection...but not completely sure.

So I took her to the doctors for a professional diagnoses. Luckily, I did Little Miss ended up having not only an ear infection, but also a ruptured ear drum. Sounds way worse than it really is...not to worry, she'll be fine in a few days!! So off we were to the pharmacist with our scrips in hand we went.

I handed over the scrips and came back just a few short minutes later to grab them and be on my way. Not what occurred, however!! The pharmacist handed me the prescriptions and said your total $80.62!! WHAT!!! I almost fell on the floor, seriously!!! Even she said..."Wait that cannot be right!!" But, it was...the one prescription was only partially covered by my insurance carrier.

I am all for making Little Miss feel better, do not get me wrong at all...It just makes me so upset when she is sick. But I thought there just has to be another medicine that my insurance does cover for less than that!! So I asked the pharmacist if there was a generic for the medicine or a similar drug she could take with similar results. She said well of course, but, your doctor would have to call it in to verify that a generic would be okay to give.

So long story short...I phoned my doctor who agreed that a generic was perfectly fine!! So I headed back to the pharmacy a little while later to fetch the 2 prescriptions for my baby girl. This time I walked out with my wallet, just $20 lighter verses the originally quoted $80.62 along with the 2 prescriptions!!!

You just never know...it's always a great idea to ask a question!! Sometimes the results can be in your favor!!!


Unknown said...

Hope she's feeling better and way to go Mommy!!!!! :)

SkyLaur said...

Just curious...how did she get a ruptured eardrum?

I had one of them when I was a little kid .....because a poked the loooong pointy tail of a plastic dinosaur in my ear. Really, that thing was not child safe! There should have been a warning on the bottom: DANGER! DO NOT USE TO CLEAN OUT EAR DRUMS.....hahaha

Miss Mommy said...

Hi Laur.

From what the doc said it was an ear infection that turned into a rupture of the ear drum.

Too much fluid in her ear that built up and then ruptures (leaks) because the tissue can no longer hold it all in.

She is feeling great now....she's even sleeping through the night!!