Wednesday, May 20

Grab The Smaller One.....

Shortly after the birth of Little Miss I decided it was time to get back into shape and drop a few pounds. I knew exercising would be a big part of the process, but there were other things in my routine that needed to change as well. What can I say....I am a girl that loves food...especially yummy, tasty food!! I was well aware of my love for I knew that changes in the eating department had to be made to see weight lose results.

One of the first things I changed was the plates we eat off dinner off of. Our everyday dish set we use came with both large dinner plates and smaller lunch plates as well. It's very common to simply fill up a plate completely and then eat all of it. But what if I started using the smaller lunch-size plates for our dinner meals? Then there would be a limit of how much I could put on it to eat.....after all the plate is only big!! This way was even if it was full...I would be eating way less than before.

Larger Plate...Looks like barely enough food to cover it!!

Smaller Plate....Notice how full the plate looks of food!!

Well, Little Miss is a little over 2 years old now...and guess what the smaller plate trick has and is still working!! Of course, along the way I have learned much better portion control and the smaller plates made we quickly realize just little food I really needed to eat verses in the past!!

Yes, I made many eating lifestyle changes over the past 2 years...but the smaller plate trick was definitely a big help in the weight loss goal!! Now, when I see the larger plate in the cabinet I am amazed at how I used to eat a meal off of seems like my whole family could eat dinner off of just that one plate...LOL LOL

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