Thursday, May 7

Summer's Coming....

So that means it's once again to start thinking about fun summer activities for the kiddies to keep busy!! Nothing worse than board kiddies all summer long!! Well, if your kiddies enjoy movies...I have some great news to share about what AMC and Regal Theatres have planned for this summer!!

AMC Theatres is hosting Summer Movie Camp...Come by each Wednesday at 10am starting June 17th- August 5th for a featured movie where admission is just $1!!

Not only will you be enjoying a great movie, but also helping a great cause!!! All admission and concession proceeds during Summer Movie Camp will go to Variety – The Children's Charity and the Will Rogers Institute.

They will also feature an AMC Kids Snack Pack for just $3.00 during the showing too (features drink, popcorn, and a snack) !!

You can find a participating AMC theatre and more info here.

Regal Enterainment Group this summer is hosting FREE Family Film Festival!! Starting in June Regal Theatures will offer nine weeks of FREE movies for kids and parents to enjoy.

The festival begins at 10AM each Tuesday and Wednesday, where selected G & PG movies will be played. First-come, first-served seating is limited to theatre capacity.

Too find a participating Regal Theatre near you, movie schedules, and for more info click here.

Last summer I took Little Man with a few friends several times and he had a great did I of, course!! Nothing like seeing a movie on the BIG screen especially for a kiddie!!

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Meghan said...

I wish they would offer at least one showtime for this on the weekends.
Working full time really puts a damper on these things :>)