Thursday, October 25

Dreary Day

We'll here it is, day 2. Today was a real dreary day with all the rain, I guess I was getting used to the great weather we have been having. I mean earlier in the week I was outside with the kids and they were playing in the water table, today we were wearing sweatshirts. We'll enough about the weather. I had a good day today though it went by fast although the week in general has been going by slow but that is just because my hubby wasn't home this weekend. Haley keeps asking when he's coming home, and always asks me in the morning if Daddy came home. I hate to tell her no because her face just fills with disappointment. Although he should be home on Saturday and he has off the whole week, Haley and Nick will be so happy. We'll I don't know what else to write since I am new at this thing, I don't want to bore people. I am though debating weather or not to make brownies. See I really want to eat brownies, but I know my waistline dosen't need it. Hopefully I can resist, but its not looking to promising.

Goodnight to all.

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