Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween !!!!

Well the big day of the week finally arrived....Yeah!!! Today was a blast!! All the kids were so excited about trick-or-treating....they could hardly nap today...the excitement had taken over! After getting everyone all ready...dressed in their costume, drinks for the walk around the block (as they always get so Thirsty!), shoes on, bottles in hand, we were off..... outside to take a few pictures...well side shots mostly...It is nearly impossible to get four little ones to all look in the same direction at the same time while saying CHEESE!!! I think we took about 20 pictures and we are lucky if we have 1 good one......Oh well..try again next year!! We started out real strong, walking from house to house, pumpkins in hand (to hold ALL of the candy, of course!) saying Trick OR Treat, saying Thank You...etc. We quickly lost a bit of steam in about 10-12 minutes. At about the 3rd house, the kiddies were getting tired, ready to go home and eat the 6 or so pieces of candy they had received and they were Happy with that. Well, they were happy with that...but my sister and I not so happy with their theory. ... WHY? Well where do I begin...We took many trips to the store to get the costumes, matching pants and shirts for underneath for the too little guys, got the strollers out, backed up with goodies, woke up the kids early from their naps, and they are already DONE with trick or treating..... BUT you know what.....It's Okay..... For those few houses they had the best time in the world...they were so excited to get all dressed, show off their costumes, and most of all get a few pieces of candy!! And to see the smiles, laughs, and excitement was well worth all the effort my sister and I put into it!!! We did get to go around 2 blocks and Trick OR Treat..they just needed a little break..and to have a piece of their hard earned candy!!!Which they thoroughly enjoyed!!!!

Maybe next year my sis and I will get smart and just buy them each a bag of candy and stay home and give candy to other Trick OR Treaters ....HA HA!! Who are we kidding....since when have we taken the EASY way out????? LOL
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