Monday, October 29

My 2 cents about Luvs Diapers.....

Well, where do I begin?? I am so disgusted with Luvs diapers! They are horrible! I recently recieved a few $1.00 off coupons for Luvs diapers in the mail, I was so excited....YEAH coupons for things I actually need!! So I heard Walmart lowered the price of Luvs down to $6.97, so me my coupons and the kids headed there.... Of course I bought 3 packs (had to use up all my coupons..LOL). I just opened the first pack up on Friday and guess what...5 leaky diapers later....I cannot wait for them to be GONE!!! All the leaks happened during the day..not even at night??!! On Friday two leaked, and yesterday one leaked and today 2 more leaked. It stinks...literally!!! My hubby was quite disgusted yesterday. I have been using Pampers since my baby was born at the beginning of this year. Wa mart and ShopRite have been having them on sale ALOT...and with coupons and baby buck (at ShopRite) they have been a great deal!! I was an avid user of Luvs back when my son was in diapers and they were great!!! No complaints at all!!!

This is from thair website :
New Bear Hug Stretch premium elastic sides stretch to fit. Luvs® helps stop leaks as well as the pricey brands. For great leak protection, all you need is Luvs!
Not only do Luvs Diapers provide premium leakage protection for less than the pricier brands, but we also offer the Ultra Leakguard Guarantee. That means if you aren’t satisfied with the way Luvs works, you can get your money back.* So, you can feel good knowing you have premium leakage protection, and for less than those pricier brands!

I will for sure be sending in a diaper, and my reciept for my money back...They can keep 'em!

Just my 2 cents on them....Mt sister actually LOVES them for her son......

Well enough venting for now.........

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