Thursday, October 25

Love is amazing.....

I can sum up today all in one word.....LOVE!! I got to thinking about Love today and just how powerful it really is when my niece said it today (she is two-and-a-half). I was so amazed that a two year old little girl knew just how loved she really is....She was mumbling about it to herself, under her breath.....It is so astonishing that in just a couple years a child knows how much others care about them, how they are safe in loved ones arms, and how to trust the ones they love so deeply. We (as parents) have such an impact on our young childrens lives...they listen to us, look up to us, and follow our lead. I had a great day, thinking all about the love for my family....and best of all spending the day with my mom and sister, joking, laughing, and just having so much fun being a family....

Bye for now!

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