Wednesday, October 24

Todays finally the day!!!

Well it's finally here!!!! Today that sister and I have been talking about doing this well like forever! And here we are. A wonderful, cheery place to let it all out about the daily life we live....Where do I start.....

Well how about 8 am this morning......A little earlier than I like to wake up, but hey....when my son is on the toilet screeming for me I must run and help him clean up to get off and back on the sofa to watch his beloved "Mighty Monster Trucks Show". Yes, you read right, about 4 out of the 5 weekdays this is how I rise in the my son on the hopper calling for me loud and clear....Of course he does not do this on the weekends when daddy is home.......Lucky me!!!

Finally got out of the house by 10 am to head over to story and craft time at the library..Guess what, my son says after we get there "he just like to pick out books and have a home day today". Great, the one day we are actually there a little early and he wants to leave.....So we left.

Off we are to our next stop, doing a little shopping. I needed some new baking pans badly...why? do you ask? Well my siter was a witness to this...I burnt the sugar cookies so badly last week that I could not even scrape them off the baking pans...So to the trash they went.

Had a nice relaxing evening as my son did not nap today, so bedtime was at 7:40 pm....hence why I got a chance to set this whole thing up!! No nap was actually a good thing today Tash...I know you do not hear that from me often!!

And the best for last.....
Deal of the day....Thanks to Kmart! :

Good Night!!

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