Tuesday, October 30

One more sleep to go...YEAH!!!!

Well it's almost here...the much anticipated Halloween. YEAH! My son is so excited!!! In fact he has been in bed since 9pm and fell asleep just a little bit ago....He keeps talking about his costume, all the candy/goodies he will receive, and most of all that only one more sleep is left until he can wear his Superman costume. He is so excited to jump around in it.....yes, you read correctly he thinks Superman jumps up and down to help people.....He just cracks me up sometimes!! He also keeps asking me if his sister is so excited as well...I am sure she cannot wait to wear her wings tomorrow and be strapped in a stroller for an hour or two...LOL He told me when I tucked him in that he had changed his mind on what costume I should wear...He said "Mom you should be a big truck and go real FAST!! I hope he really does not think I will dress up like a truck tomorrow...or my sister and I will be doing some serious creativeness , gluing, stapling, coloring, and putting together during nap time tomorrow!! Get thinking Tash!!! LOL

I am SO excited to see him have the best day tomorrow!! He just makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside when he is having such a great time. It is so amazing how becoming a parent changes you so much....it all about the little ones...I guess you cannot help it sometimes. We sat down today and practiced writing his name on paper...the ruled kind. We just started practicing about 3 weeks ago and he is making leaps and bounds. He tries his very best to stay within the lines,you can actually read his name on the paper!! (not just mommy can tell what it says) He has been really practicing so he can write his name in Pop Pop's birthday card...One more day and were there!

Well I guess I better hit the sac as well...we all know I will be up early to the sound of my son calling "I'm all Done"...LOL..LOL

Good Night for now.

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