Sunday, October 28

A long but Happy :) Day!!!

We'll today has been a long day for me and it is only 2:00 in the afternoon. See my husband is redoing our kitchen this week so I spent the day at my mother in law's yesterday, and today I am at my sister's, and all I want to be is at home. And this is only day 2!! Man I sound so unhappy, usually I am always in a good mood, maybe i am due to get my friend or something. I guess I thought it would go alot better than this, really I don't know what I was thinking. But I do know I will never again redo a kitchen this is to much work, and I haven't really even been doing anything. I mean it is just hard with the kids Haley today just wanted to stay home, but with all the dust and sawing and hammering my husband thought it would be best just to spend the day at my sisters. So here I am typing on the computer. I actaully feel better now that I am venting, sorry to ramble on. So thats it I won't talk about it anymore. Today is a beatiful day a little chilly but I am glad to see the sun out after so many days of rain. I am going to find myself something to eat and will hopefully write again later on tonight when I go home. Can't wait for that!!! Talk to you later.

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