Thursday, November 1

Well my son woke me up today and said he wanted something different for breakfast this morning...can you guess what?? Candy!! Don't worry I said "No" I remember it the same way after Halloween when I was a kid too....all the excitement of all the candy in your pumkin you have to eat before mom or dad get to it first....LOL...(of course, dad and I snuck a piece last nite...) Shh! Don't Tell!!

Well I am so excited...hubby and I have a date nite tommorrow night..just the two of us!! It is actually a wedding we are attending....close enough to date night for has been a LONG while!! We need it!! We will of cousre miss the kiddies...but we need time for us as well. Gosh, I cannot remember the last time just the two of use went out without the's been that long!!

My son and I took a long walk/ride around a few blocks today....sometimes he amazes me how great his memory is.. ....He remembered a few houses along the way that were not home last night to give out candy/goodies.....I was pretty shocked he could actually remember that..Well, I guess he was thinking about the candy he missed out on...perhaps?? We had a great time....we were checking out the trees without leaves, the stream dirty and full of leaves, the kids getting off the school bus, the kids playing outside, and the mailman bringing us our letters. ..(as he words it) It was a beautiful day!! Hopefully we get a few more like it soon!!

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