Thursday, October 2

My First Check!!

About 2 months The"Cent"sible Sawyer featured a post about participating in a free diaper study for Arquest. I thought free diapers for a few days....I'm in!! LOL LOL So I called the 1-800 # to sign up.

Then about 4 weeks later I received a phone call from an Arquest representative asking if I still had a baby girl in size 4 diapers...and if I would like to participate in a diaper study. All I would need to do is try a pack of un-named (to me) diapers out for a few days that they would mail to me then fill-out a survey after tying out the diapers for a few days. The rep gave me a call-back date and time when she would call me so I could give my responses to the filled-out survey I answered on paper. It took about 7 minutes...and she said that as a Thank You I would receive a $10 in the mail in a few weeks. came yesterday!! My $10 check!! Ahh the excitement!!!
I am not sure if they are still doing diaper studies....but maybe you can call to find out?? Their number is (888) 342-7372. It was an easy $10 and a free pack of diapers as well!!

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