Friday, October 3

The Coupon Made Me Go!!!

I ventured to Aldi's a while back...and was not that impressed. Not that anything was bad about the store...just that it added another stop I would have to make for a few items that I could get elsewhere for about the same price. I was not sure I would be back....

But then just 2 days ago....guess what came in the mail?? A $5 off a $30 purchase coupon at a New local Aldi's. Along with the coupon were a few advertised Grand Opening Specials. So I $5, great specials, and a new store to check out...Why not go??

So I did just that yesterday...and here is what I walked out with for just $31.52!!!

-4- Gallons of Milk @ $2.99 a gallon. A steal around this way!! **
-1- 32 oz. Vanilla Fit & Active Yogurt $1.59
-4- 100% Juice Bottles $2.19 each
-1- Container Feta Cheese Crumbles $1.99
-1- Bag Caesar Salad Kit $1.99
-1- Bag Fit & Active Yogurt Covered Raisins $ 1.49
-3- Dozen Large Eggs @ .99 each **
-1 Bag Hashed Brown Potatoes $1.49
-1- American Cheese Singles $1.99
-1- Pancake Syrup $1.29
-1- Bag Bananas (A little over 2 lbs.) .88

I was very happy with the trip...I got a few items that we needed and spent just a little over $30...and I was in-and-out in under 20 minutes!! I will be back again next I have another coupon for next week too!! I did notice that the store had a large number of named brand products (frozen foods, Pop Tarts, Fruit snacks, candy, crackers, etc.) as well....and at pretty reasonable prices it seemed too.

**Grand Opening Specials


SkyLaur said...

Hahah...and so quickly after you bashed Aldi.
Aldi was where I bought most of my groceries while in college. I relied on their 39 cent frozen burritos and ceasaer salad packs as my main form of nourishment.

Monsoon said...

I alternate Aldi shopping with my regular grocery store. It gives me a break from using coupons, and I can get staples at cheap prices. We have been impressed ith the quality of their brand, cereals, canned goods, cookies, and frozen meals, are just as good if not better than name brand.

Miss Mommy said...

I agree Monsoon....sometimes it is great to just shop without coupons!!!