Wednesday, October 1

The Helpers I Have.....

Have you ever been in the midst of making a meal in your kitchen and you go into the drawer to grab the beaters for the mixer, and you can only find one??? Or what about when you were making banana bread and the loaf pans are no where to be found?? You know you have loaf's just where you put them last is the question.

Well, in my kitchen too....organization was a problem a few years back when I moved into my home. You move in, put stuff in drawers, cabinets, stuff it where ever it fits as long as it is out of the moving box....and then the trouble starts the first time you try to make a meal. Well, after making just a few meals in this disorganized fashion....I decided I needed a little help!!

So off to Walmart I went on Saturday and purchased a few kitchen organizational helpers that I just could not live without!!!!

I introduce to you my silverware drawer.....pretty nice, huh!! Just kidding.... I just bought one of those $2.00 or so Rubbermaid Utensil organizers and it fit in my drawer perfectly and works very well to keep things in the right places!!

This little rack is actually from Lowe's....I splurged on this puppy....I think it was around $10 or so...but I needed it!! I needed somewhere to keep all my cookie sheets, brownie pan, cake pans, cutting board, trays, cookie racks, etc. This little heavy duty rack does the job perfectly and fits under my sink so well too!!

In my kitchen I have a small cabinet where I keep our address book, pens, pencils, tape, a calculator, stapler, clips, calender, etc. I keep the things I use daily here, or almost daily so I can access them easily. I use a $1 pencil case form Walmart to store the calculator, pencils, pens, markers, and clips. And I use a letter holder from Walmart to keep my calender, address book, take-out menus, important papers, etc. all neat and in one spot that I can access easily when I need to!!

Here is a picture of the metal coated drawers on the other side under my kitchen sink. These also are from Walmart for just a few bucks. They are great for me to keep my loaf pans, Tupperware, snack cups, napkins, and paper towels organized in. Plus, they slide in-and-out for easier access to the items in the back!!

These are a few of the great helpers I have in my kitchen to help me stay organized and be able to grab whatever I need, whenever I need to!! Do you have a great organizational tool in your kitchen that keeps your kitchen in order?? We'd love to know about it!!
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Happy Wednesday to you!!


Nikki said...

Those are some great ideas! said...

Great Tips!

I have two blog post this Wednesday.

1. Photos of our typical morning on my personal blog at and

2. an explanation of changes we are making at my homeschool blog

Come by and see me!

Anonymous said...

Some helpful ideas. Thanks for sharing. I also appreciate that you told where you bought the items and the approximate cost. Both will help come shopping day.