Thursday, October 2

Look What We Made....

Thrifty Jinxy

Little Man's birthday is fast approaching and he decided that he would like to have a Wall-E Robot themed party this year. I thought it sounded like a cool idea....something a little different. I thought it would be kinda fun for him to wear a Wall-E t-shirt for his is his special day after all!! I thought I could just run to Walmart and grab a Wall-E T-shirt....easy peasy. Not the case!! So I decided to look online to see if I could find one. I found a few....but none of them were to his or my liking. Sorry...looking like a bright yellow jacket on your just not Little Man's thing....LOL LOL

So hubby and I decided to make one. I ran to Michael's and purchased a Jerzees t-shirt for $2.60 (after using my 40% off coupon).

Then we found a picture of Wall-E Little Man liked and we printed it onto a transfer (I had already had a pack of these in the closet, unopened..not sure where they came from...LOL).

Then we took the transfer and placed it on the shirt where we thought it looked best. We then ironed over the transfer for about 3 minutes. We then peeled off the backing that we had ironed over and.....

Here it is......Our finished Wall-E shirt!!! Not bad for first timers, right??

Little Man saw it last night...and was so excited!! So in case you can't find it...whatever it may be, maybe you can make it??

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