Thursday, December 11

Economy Talk......

Holiday shopping for a particular items this holiday season? Or does the economy have you a little nervous to spend? Do you find yourself more than ever sticking to a tighter holiday budget? You are not alone!!! Are you interested in seeing what others have to say about how the economy is effecting their holiday season?

Let me introduce Expo TV ....a place that encourages people to chat and discuss how the economy has affected their holiday shopping behavior through videos. With videos you can actually get a more personal feeling and get a real sense of what people are saying and doing to make this holiday season the best it can be for the times we are facing. Some topics include talking about coupon use, finding deals, waiting for sales, giving homemade gifts......just to name a few.

You can also add a video of yourself to Expo TV. Maybe you'd like to share some of your holiday shopping tips, the budget you set, how your using coupons like never before, or maybe your story or take on things this holiday as apposed to last. Expo TV loves new videos......and sometimes even pays a little to reward you for your opinions and picture too, of course!! You can check out lots of videos or submit one yourself here.

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