Sunday, December 21

KB Update...

Ran to the mall yesterday and popped into KB Toys...I noticed all the giant signs.....40% off whole store at the entrance of the store. It just drew me in...What can I say, I am a stickler for good deals!! LOL LOL I was already done my Christmas shopping, but had to check out to see if any deals were to be had. Perhaps a few items for the gift tote??

The store was jam packed with merchandise...Oh and customers too!! I checked on a couple of prices on items that I had previously purchased over the past few weeks. I was pleasantly surprised that the prices were a little cheaper than regular retail prices. Surprising for a Store-Closing sale......all I have to say is Linen's N Things with regards to finding no deals at a store closing sale.

I did notice that KB did up the prices on some of their items, on many items they placed a new higher price sticker over the old lower priced sticker. Not significantly some instances a buck, more expensive items...maybe a couple bucks. Just modest amounts...nothing out of the water!!

Even with the mark-up....when you take into account the 40% discount it is still a bit cheaper than the regular prices at Walmart. I found a few items I picked up. One item I did get was a Power Ranger for just $ apposed to the $12.99 that I paid at Walmart a few weeks back.

Yes the signs say 40% off....but it's more like 20% off really, after you take in to accont the slight price mark up. If you are in the vicinity of a KB Toys over the next few days, I would pop in to see what you can find. It's definitely not like most store closings...where they mark items up so high that they were actually cheaper before the Going Out of Business Sale!! Also know that ALL SALES ARE FINAL!! So shop knowing it is yours for good!!

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Anonymous said...

I stopped at KB toys last week as well! Elmo Live was ticketed at 69.99 even though everywhere else has it for 59.99. I did pick one up so with tax it ended up being about $45. Alot better than what I paid for it TRUS in October so I returned that one. yay!