Monday, December 1

To Show How Much We Appreciate Them.....

This year is Little Man's first year of Preschool, so this is the very first (of many to come) holiday season where I will need to think about teachers gifts. This year Little Man has 3 teachers in his classroom I will really need to give 3 nice holiday gifts this year. Yes, 3 teacher gifts may sound like it may be a tad expensive....but not to worry...I have a budget and will be sure to stick to it!!

I prefer to give something that I know each teacher will use and really enjoy as well. I know myself I am a gift card loving lady.....and I am sure most people love to receive them as well. However, I do want to make the gift a little more special than just a gift card...just to show how much Little Man and I really do appreciate all their hard work, dedication, and devotion they have to teaching my son all year long!!!

So here are a few ideas I came up with........

*Purchase an inexpensive plain coffee mug at AC Moore or Michael's and have Little Man paint it. Then glaze over top of the paint to keep the painting safe and dry. Then I will place a gift card to a local Starbucks, Coffee Beanery, or Dunkin Donuts in the cup as well.

*Get a season appropriate flower and a Terracotta Pot. Have Little Man paint the pot and then place the pretty flower in it!

*Purchase an inexpensive Canvas Bag and have Little Man decorate the front of it...then fill it with a book or two or a gift card to a local bookstore.

*Have both Little Man and I bake a few loaves of bread together, or a batch of cookies, or dip a few pretzels in chocolate...wrap them up nicely in holiday themed bags from the Dollar Store then place them in nice basket with a gift card attached to a local bakery.

*A handmade decorated Tree Ornament (decorated by Little Man, of course) with a gift card to a local gift shop.

*Sort through all the Bath & Body Works items that you have picked up for free, or close to it over the past few weeks using all the coupons they have been offering and make a nice little basket up....they deserve a little pampering, don't they??

*Take inventory of your CVS deals....have a few extra face masks? Bottle of Moisturizer or two that you are not planning to use? Put a few items in a clear holiday baggie and tie a nice big bow around it. A small gift card is a nice option to add to the bag too!

*Or another great idea is to ask all the class members parents (or perhaps the head room parent) if they would like to all go in and purchase one big gift for the teacher. Say maybe a monogrammed towel and a gift card to a Day at the Spa.....Man...this one sounds good to me!! LOL LOL This idea may actually work out very inexpensive for you in the end... if there are 15 children in your child's class and each child gives $5 that adds up to be $75. That is a nice gift I think anyone would like to receive!!

These are just a few ideas that have ran across my mind over the past few days. Remember, it is the thought that counts...not how much you spend!! So what are your plans this year for teacher's gifts? Have any other good ideas? We'd love to hear all about them!!

Note: When I refer to giving a gift card I am referring to a $5 or $10 gift card. Just a little something to treat themselves to something nice!!


Your Frugal Friend, Niki said...

As a former teacher I have to chime in. While we appreciate all the gifts we get, we do especially love the flowers, consumable treats, and gift cards. Through the years we get a whole lot of apple themed things, school themed goods, mugs, and Christmas ornaments that say things like #1 Teacher. I had a colleague who actually has enough of those to decorate an entire tree!

I love the ideas you had. Especially the one where you would collaborate with the other parents for one big gift. Less waste and more practical all the way around. Of course that may be a challenge to coordinate around a holiday with people so busy and all. But I have had it done for me for an end of the year gift and it was lovely.


Miller Mommy said...

I love your blog! I visit everyday and this is the first that I have commented. Last year we did post-it note holders that were a HUGE hit with the teachers, I can email you directions if you would like (
but I think that I might snag onto some of your great ideas this year!!!